Ate it for $8: Murray Street Coffee in Dallas

Tomato mozzarella and pesto sandwich with drip coffee.Kristy Alpert munches some grindage at this Deep Ellum coffee shop

Kristy Alpert munches some grindage at this Deep Ellum coffee shop.

Overview: Murray Street Coffee is the type of place I could live; if only owners Liz and Doug Davis would allow cots in the backroom. It’s two stories with three rooms that can take you from the serious “don’t mess with me I’m on deadline” room with plastic chairs on the first level, to the “ah I finished and now I can relax” room with overstuffed chairs on the second floor, to finally the “coffee has kicked in and I have to get this energy out” room with one common farm-style table of board games. They’re known for their coffee (Coffee Eiland roasters based in Richardson, same coffee used in the Pearl Cup’s Pearl Latte), but their light/airy/funky/clean vibe make this a great place to grab a bite between caffeine fixes.

Menu: Most everything at this coffee shop is locally-sourced (from coffee in Richardson to muffins and cookies from Central Market), and their sandwiches are no exception. Meats and olives come from Jimmy’s Food Store, mozzarella comes from The Mozzarella Company a few blocks away, and their tomatoes come from Lemley’s produce stand at the Dallas Farmers Market. Breakfast is served all day and ranges from a granola parfait ($5.50), The Blinker (a scrambled egg and prosciutto sandwich on an English muffin, $5.50), a bagel with lox ($5), to Eggo Waffle with fresh fruit, syrup and whipped crème ($4.50). Their sandwiches include The Insider vegetarian—can be made vegan—for $8 and a PB&J on Ezekiel bread with banana, honey, jam or jelly for $5.50. All sandwiches can also be prepared gluten free.

Turkey and arrugla sandwich.

View from upstairs.

What we ate: Luckily I saw someone else eating a full sandwich as I walked in, so I knew immediately a whole would be too much. With that in mind, I ordered the half tomato mozzarella sandwich with basil pesto from Central Market, ripe tomatoes (yellow and red) and fresh mozzarella on olive oil and sea salt ciabatta bread made specially by Whole Foods. The sandwich came and a peanut butter cookie came to $4.50. I added a water and a drip coffee ($2) to wash it down. My friend ordered the half turkey sandwich with smoked turkey, sharp cheddar, arugula, and homemade chipotle aioli on the same soft ciabatta bread with an oatmeal raisin cookie ($4.50). Overall, the tomato mozzarella sandwich was both of our favs. The tomatoes were vintage Texas fresh and the bread was perfectly soft with that nice ciabatta crust. Oh, and their coffee is excellent.

Extras: They also sell a hummus plate that comes with traditional and red bell pepper humus, naan, olives, roasted red pepper, feta cheese, and tomatoes for $7.50, and they carry Tamale Company tamales if you can catch them before they sell out. One of the best things about this place is, along with their amazing coffee, they also have a pretty nice selection of beers and wines to help make playing Candy Land with strangers at the common table that much more intense … and memorable!

103 Murray Street, Dallas 75226