Anyone Want to Give a Shout-Out to Their Favorite Patio?

In light of Mother Nature’s recent brutality, it’s no wonder that everyone we know is using these recent cooler days as an excuse to run to their favorite outdoor patio. I, myself, spent a good 30 minutes this morning in the backyard throwing the tennis ball with the new dog, soaking up the breezy 72 degree air, and making plans for which patios I’m going to hit throughout this noticeably cooler (and shorter) week. I’m liking the idea of Ginger Man, and the outdoor tables at NorthPark make me very happy for a little post-movie chit-chat.  Then, of course, there’s BarBelmont, the upstairs and downstairs patios at Alma, the outdoor tables at The Old Monk, etc, etc. I could go on for weeks.

How about you? When the breeze kicks up and lunchtime, happy hour, or dinnertime calls, where would your friends be most likely to find you?