Anyone Want to Give a Shout-Out to Their Favorite Patio?

In light of Mother Nature’s recent brutality, it’s no wonder that everyone we know is using these recent cooler days as an excuse to run to their favorite outdoor patio. I, myself, spent a good 30 minutes this morning in the backyard throwing the tennis ball with the new dog, soaking up the breezy 72 degree air, and making plans for which patios I’m going to hit throughout this noticeably cooler (and shorter) week. I’m liking the idea of Ginger Man, and the outdoor tables at NorthPark make me very happy for a little post-movie chit-chat.  Then, of course, there’s BarBelmont, the upstairs and downstairs patios at Alma, the outdoor tables at The Old Monk, etc, etc. I could go on for weeks.

How about you? When the breeze kicks up and lunchtime, happy hour, or dinnertime calls, where would your friends be most likely to find you?


  • Stella

    Ozona’s, Blue Fish, Stan’s, Trinity Hall. All great places to enjoy the weather!

  • Jo Bennett

    Any in the midcities that you can recommend..?

  • Times Ten Cellars in both Lakewood and Fort Worth.

  • Chuck

    The Mansion on Turtle Creek’s patio bar is beautiful.

  • itspamelar

    The back patio at The Amsterdam Bar. It’s large, laid back and perfect.

  • dallasfoodlover


  • Rod

    Saint Ann Restaurant has a very nice, and very large, patio. Also Dallas Chop House is nice especially on Friday after work.

  • Carpe Diem

    Both Screen Door and The Commissary at One Arts Plaza have great patios.

  • jill

    Urban Taco is the best by far!

  • shameless self promotion: garden cafe. attempt at looking less selfish: another for amsterdam. more for the place and people though, rather than just a great patio.

  • mark

    We like the Taco Diner at the Shops at Legacy in Plano, they have both nice Mojitos as well as Margaritas.

  • don

    Saint Ann and Neighborhood Services.

  • Eagles

    Flying Saucer at the lake.

  • alissac1983

    Saint Ann boasts the largest garden patio in Dallas and makes some really yummy cocktails and appetizers. State and Allen is great for laid-back, dog-friendly folks who want a great meal (and, half-price wine on wednesday!). The upstairs patio at Marquis Grill has a fantastic view of Highland Park Village and top-notch cocktails, but seating is limited.

  • What timing. Hot off the presses, a post about the top 5 patios in Grapevine.

    My favorite: Boomer Jack’s, which is actually in Bedford.

  • kathands

    Platia Greek Kouzina in Frisco TX

  • BradT

    Agree on The Mansion patio, Parigi & Toulouse. Also like Cibus/Northpark and Patrizio’s/HPV.

  • Kelly

    Saint Ann, The Monk, Garden Cafe, Fearing’s, Rusty Taco

  • toshi W


  • Reader

    Well, don’t go to any of these on Saturday so there will be room for me and my posse, OK?

  • bc

    I guess I’m amazed no one has mentioned TABC yet.

  • ryan

    I loooove sitting on the patios at the commissary in one arts plaza! great views, great vibes and great food/drinks!

  • Rob

    Bolsa and BarBelmont are my two favorites…

  • Jeff

    Marquee in highland park village!!