You Can’t Hide From SceneTap App

Just when I think I’m pretty hip to high tech I get a press release that blows my mind.

Here is a sample from one:

When tourists and travellers arrive in a new city, one of the first things they often look for is a place to grab a bite or get a good drink. Now, if they want to know where to find their favorite bar scene before they head out, they can turn to SceneTap, which shows the following in real time:

·         Number of people in the bar

·         Male-to-female ratio

·         Average age of patrons in the bar

·         Food and drink specials

SceneTap is a free app for iPhone, Android and the Web, and it gathers this information anonymously using facial detection cameras and “people-counting” technologies in participating bars.The app launched in Chicago in July and is expanding its network to a number of other major cities soon. More than 250 bars around the U.S. have signed up so far.

Here’s a stupid question. Is this a good thing or a bad thing?