• TB

    Me too. I haven’t found it anywhere. Jeffrey Morganthaler ( gives an online source (, but I’d prefer something local.

  • Dutch
  • Kirk

    You may want to try out Asian markets as they’re a good source for unique herbs, spices and such. Oh, and @Dutch, that’s pretty rude. They were asking for LOCAL connections, not online connections.

  • Bite me, Dutch. I was looking for someplace local so I could pick it up today. I found quinine powder (red) too.

  • Oh, thanks Kirk.

  • Hope you are making me a Hendricks and tonic the hard way. It’s happy hour. Five Sixty makes their own tonic, you might ring ’em up.

  • William

    I’m with mr Doyle on that Call it Uncle Nancy’s Hard Way. When’s the paaarty?

  • J

    Call Birk or Rocco at the Mansion. They got a bunch..

  • tb

    @Dutch – couldn’t find local chinchona through your help, but I did find this:

  • irodguy

    Hey Nancy where did you find the quinine powder?

  • Hi Kids! Boy I’ve learned a lot in the past 24 hours. Like quinine water is used to cure alcoholism! Guess that only works when you don’t use GIN. Otherwise that would be a real miracle..I bought the bark HERE I learned a lot HERE The Mansion doesn’t use quinine powder anymore but Rocco does infuse his cocktail (excuse me) with bark. Martensen buys his bark online. TB, that is an awesome link. William, I like your style. Quinine powder (red) is all over the internet. Stay tuned. I wanted to make it this weekend but the bark is in the mail.