Week Two: 2011 KRLD Restaurant Week Reader Reviews

Okay Dishers, we have rounded the first corner and headed into the straightaway of week two of 2011 KRLD Restaurant Week. Comments are open and operators are standing by ready to take your opinions. GO, EAT, REPORT! Take pictures of great servers!


  • Jon Battle

    Went to Jasper’s in Plano tonight. Jasper’s has the broadest menu of all the restaurants in this year’s list – almost full menu. Go here for foodie pix


    Service perfect efficient and friendly, food quality..sublime. I’ve never had anything but a wonderful dining experience at any Kent Rathbun’s restaurants.

    Jasper’s wisely only offers a restaurant week menu during this period..thus elimnatin any issues with servers. Our server was Paula..perfect. The manager came over and thanked us for coming and all that. It felt genuine.

  • Sparky

    Some friends had never been to Ocean Prime, so that was our selection for this weekend. A rather limited menu (2 apps, 3 entrees, 2 deserts) but what we had was very good. Service was great, with one minor lapse here or there, but nothing you wouldn’t expect on a non-RW evening. I had the filet of ribeye entree, which was pretty tasty, better than the wife’s blackened redfish selection. The crab and sweet corn bisque was great (I don’t think I’ve ever had a bad crab bisque, anywhere) and the carrot cake was also fantastic. Great job by everyone at OP. Server’s name was.. TJ, I believe? Very nice, professional guy.

  • tx2step

    J. Paul at Capital Grill has been our Restaurant Week server there for the past three years. He’s attentive and knowledgeable with a little humor thrown in. Capital Grill has the best RW menu since they don’t skip on the portions. The entrees are right off the regular menu. They have a “secret” 4th course that is a 6 oz stuffed lobster tail for $9. And of course their Generous Pour wine promotion is a steal at $25. It runs through 9/4. You get to sample 9 wines–as much as you want. J. Paul kept re-filling the glasses! J. Paul and The Capital Grill’s desire to always put their best foot forward, even during RW, is why it is one of my favorite steak restaurants.

  • Kip

    I serve at one of the restaurants and would like to give feedback. All of my tables have been excellent. All restaurant people reading here will know June and July are notoriously slow. I welcome Restaurant Weeks, as we call it. We have been seeing over 200 covers a night and while my check average is less than half of what it would normally be, I also have 3 times as many tables. As a professional full time waiter I look forward to this opportunity to create new customers. I look at baseball for my averages if I can get 3 out of every 10 to come back and pay 3 times as much for our regular menu, then those are hall of fame numbers. Repeat customers, I need not say more. I already have generated one call party that tips over 20%.
    Where I work we are well schooled in our cooking techniques and menu ingredients. Our Chef, featured in D Sept., took the time to put out, what I thought when tasted, was a fantastic menu rooted in our restaurant’s philosophy. If you enjoy the knowledge, ask questions,and help set the tempo. There is a delicate read of the guest taking part on our behalf. Sometimes you get the feeling the guest is uncomfortable when you explain the Argentinian grape has a nose of stone fruit with a dry finish.
    I encourage party’s of 4 or less to look into a 1/2 bottle of white and red if you are not happy with the wine pairing or simply want to upgrade. Party’s of 6 or more should look into 2 full bottles. If you see something you want to try, ask, our restaurant will gladly sell you a single item for the center of the table for all to try with one of the courses.
    Bottom line: enjoy life, we are in the business of helping you enjoy just a little part of your life, if you are not, then tell us, and we will get it right. Everybody makes a mistake, every night is long and hot, and I am even playing with pain, but we want you to come back end enjoy your life. May there never be another restaurant complaint.
    Please come in and enjoy restaurant week and then come back again. I sincerely want to thank you for being our guest in the restaurant.

  • Thanks Kip. Great information.

  • We went to Nonna and The Grape this weekend. While Nonna was delicious as always, it was The Grape that really stood out for us. First of all, the menu is really extensive for RW. I think there were at least 5 different starters, maybe 6. Same for the entree’s. You know how you get the feeling that some restaurants go with the items that are least difficult? Not The Grape. Suckling pig, slow roasted Kobe beef… both fantastic. Our server, Matt, was delightful. And we were there early in the evening so Chef Luscher and his wife (Manager) Courtney both had the opportunity to stop by and say hi. It was great meeting them both. My starter was the charcuterie and my husband had the lamb tartine dish. It’s hard to explain in such a small space how wonderful everything was. The wine pairings were just perfect and a steal. Dinner with wine was only $52 a person. Chef mentioned to us that he likes RW. I’ve got to say it really shows. My husband agreed with me that it was one of our best RW experiences ever!

  • Jon Battle

    @Kip – very well said…and great to hear your view. For me….the server (and all that goes with them) are a big part of a every meal. I love chatting with my server about how good the food is…or how their night is going at work…its just makes for a better evening.

  • GrammarCop

    @Kip: Your comments are much appreciated; however, your credibility would be even more enhanced by spelling “parties” correctly.

    @Margie: Similar comment for you. It is “entrees” not “entree’s”. When did everyone start making nouns plural by adding an apostrophe and the letter “s”?

  • CTaylor

    We went to Jasper’s Friday night…our server was Brian…and had nothing less than a phenomenal experience. The food, the delivery, the attention to detail…the wine suggestions…

    We took two friends visiting from out of town and they marveled at everything about the meal and the service.

    I posted a review in an earlier post.

  • Irresponsible

    Wow, GrammarCop. I’m as irked as anyone by improper verbiage, spelling, or punctuation, but to create a post specifically to call someone out about it is almost worse! And to call their credibility into question, no less!

    Oh, and if you’re wondering, yes, I did just write an improper sentence that began with “and,” especially for you. You’ll just have to try to learn to live with that.