The Best Donuts in Dallas

The donut is America’s unsung hero.

For decades these delicacies have been fueling this nation’s finest law enforcement officers, and without them your streets would be overrun with all kinds of riffraff. Countless early morning board meetings have been brightened by the magical combination of sugar and fried dough. And where would Homer Simpson be without his signature pink icing with sprinkles? Not season 587, I assure you!

Despite their iconic nature, frankly speaking, truly exceptional donuts are not easy to find in Dallas.  I don’t think I am alone in my sentiments towards the Dallas donut scene.  While this city is surely not lacking in the sheer number of independent donut shops, it is eerie how incredibly similar and mundane most neighborhood shops have become.

But for the valiant donuteer, all hope is not lost.  I have scoured this land for three years searching for something extraordinary.  Of course, it would be unrealistic for a person to try every donut shop in this city (and still live to tell about it).  So I’ve hunted for suggestions from every corner I could think of (blogs, Chowhound, Yelp, Urban Spoon, magazines, newspapers, Twitter, Facebook, the cops at Waffle House) and ate my way through enough donut shops to personally ensure the future of Lipitor. Luckily, fantastic donuts do exist in this city.

Here I present to you, in no particular order, the five best places for donuts in and around Dallas.

1.   Mustang Donuts (Pictured above) One of my first weeks in Dallas, I was cruising down Hillcrest Avenue, for some reason, on a Saturday morning.  Suddenly I beheld a line stretching out the door of a humble donut shop and down the sidewalk. Needless to say, I hit the brakes, and partook of Mustang Donuts for the first time.  For years Mustang has been shamelessly assisting the SMU crowd achieve its “freshman 15.”  Some say a Mustang bear claw temporarily boosts your IQ at least 10 points, critical before taking that econ test you crammed all night for.   Don’t leave without sampling their legendary apple fritter.  Warm fried dough and crisp, sweet apple gently embrace under a silky sheet of translucent sugar glaze.  It’s all together ethereal.

The holes from Shin's

2.  Shin’s Donuts: From the outside, Shin’s looks no different from the countless other donut shops haunting every corner of this city.  Yet to say Shin’s is special is a terrible understatement.  These donuts are so light and airy, you actually weigh less after eating them.  The decadent maple bars and blueberry cake donuts are not to be missed, but it is the hot, fresh donut holes that propel this humble establishment from simple to sublime.  Owner Paul Shin will tell you he has a secret ingredient that gives these donuts their heavenly texture, but he’d sooner throw himself into a vat of scalding donut oil than share it.

3.     Jerry’s Donuts: When a place has been doing one thing for more than 41 years, and keeping a loyal following the entire time, you know they are doing things right.  The epitome of a “hidden gem,” Jerry’s has been humbly treating the small city of Farmers Branch to traditional-yet-terrific donuts.  While Jerry is no longer with us, the seasoned veterans running the shop haven’t let the standard of quality slip one whit.  Don’t leave without sampling the superb cinnamon/sugar-coated cake donut.  Jerry’s version manages to keep the inside light and moist while creating a tender crust on the outside, every nook sparkling with sugary sensuality.

Zeppole from Cane Rosso

4.     Zeppole from Cane Rosso: I realize it’s a bit of a stretch to include the much-celebrated Cane Rosso in a donut list, but I’m sure anyone who’s had the pleasure of having their deep-fried Italian donuts will not fault me for its inclusion.  The batter is laced with ricotta, giving them a unique texture which is soft yet gently crumbly.  “Melt-in-your mouth” may be cliché, but it is undeniably applicable.  Of course, a side of chocolate dipping sauce can never hurt either.

What hyppie dreams are made of

5.     Hypnotic Donuts: Owner James St. Peter has done more to spark the revolutionary fire behind the Dallas donut movement than any other man in this city.  Why, after just over a year of being in business, do flocks of devoted “hyppies” still drive hours every weekend for a taste of this madman’s fried creations?  Why do droves pack themselves into a tiny unmarked pizza shop at 7 a.m. on a weekend?  Because it’s a Hypnotic donut.  Once you know, you go.   If you haven’t had the Canadian Healthcare, you better clear up some space on your bucket list.



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  • MCC

    Like with so many “best [fill in item here] in Dallas” you need to head to Fort Worth. Dale’s Donuts, preferrably #9 on Camp Bowie.

  • Earlofwa

    Can anyone explain why most of the donut shops in the area are not open past noon? In So Cal, a lot of the donut shops are open 24 hrs.

  • Wow–these all look pretty delish. Nice job! Do you know of any tasty donut shops in Arlington/Fort Worth?

  • Mustang Donuts – they were in line for the trivia question! love that place. hasn’t changed since i was a kid.

  • CB

    Is that bacon on a donut in the last photo? I must have it!

  • SAT

    Are you kidding me? How do you have a list of the best donuts in Dallas and not include Cafe Donuts on Mockingbird & Abrams?? I’ve been going here for 5+ years and the donuts just keep getting better and better. Haven’t had anything that I haven’t loved…and the 10 pounds I gained is evidence to that fact. Nothing tastes fried here, donuts are light and airy. Try the apple fritters here and revise this list after.

  • avpamo

    @CB. Not only is that bacon on a donut, but there’s also maple glaze on that same donut. BEST. DONUT. EVER.

  • SusieW.

    Had the Shins while visiting Texas. Still dreaming about them. Great people who run the shop as well! Wonderful article!

  • Ohh man. I might have to leave work right now for those.

  • TONY

    If you are in Oak Cliff, Centre Street and Zang, try Orient Express donuts. They have been around for over 16 years. They make the southern style donut and, I feel, one of the best donuts in town.

  • TONY

    One more thing, the apple fritter from Fiesta Jefferson in Oak Cliff, is cheap and tasty.
    That is all..

  • JS

    Are you sure Shin’s Donuts still is Shin’s?

  • Daniel Walker

    @JS- I’m sure that Shin’s is still Shin’s. I am there pretty frequently. The owners used to own Donut City in Coppell but sold it and reopened off Belt Line. I should have mentioned this in the article, but there is no sign up from saying “Shin’s” (although I think there is some small sign out from that is hard to see) but there is a large red DONUTS sign.

  • jp

    Mustang Donuts are terrible! They are always overly moist, mushy, and gross and they have no flavor.
    Take ’em off the list!

  • Lori

    What, no love for Yummy Donuts on Lover’s? My inner five-year-old is crying. 🙁

  • laurie

    Oh my goodness, the last two posts are wrong! Mustang’s are light and the glaze cracks when you bite into them. Another nice touch is that they give every child two donut holes before taking your order. Jp, were they warm and then sat in a bag or box? As for Yummy Donut’s donuts, they certainly do not live up to their name. Cafe Donuts is also a fave–similar to Mustangs. The owners are always so nice, too.

  • Montemalone

    It’s not on the list, but I sure do miss those light and tasty Southern Maid glazed donuts I used to inhale on those random Saturdays that my father would go get some in my youth.

  • Jim

    I can vouch for Jerry’s. Used to work near there and would stop 2-3 times a week. Try the Kolaches as well. The dough/crust is like no other around here…a tad bit of sweetness and a great flakyness. Go for the jalapeno.

  • Rick

    No list of Dallas’ best donuts is complete without mentioning the retail donut shop at the Lone Star Donuts bakery on Beckley Ave. in Oak cliff.

    Lone Star has been in business for over 50 years in Oak Cliff, and the coffe shop is a true trip back in time – nothing fancy here – just hot coffee and great donuts. Gots to have my LSD!

  • Tim

    @SAT & @laurie – you guys hit the nail on the head mentioning Cafe Donuts! Perfection in donut form.

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