Tesar Teaser: The Most Hated Chef in Dallas Story Is Almost Here

John Tesar finally tells it all. ALL.

Our September issue of D Magazine has been mailed to subscribers and will be on newsstands by the end of the week. The cover story, “The Most Hated Chef in Dallas,” is a rough-and-tumble profile of poor, misunderstood John Tesar. The profile was written by former DMN-staffer-turned-freelancer Jason Sheeler. Tesar didn’t hold anything back and takes plenty of shots at former employers, employees, chefs — even his old running buddy Anthony Bourdain. Tesar’s controversial thoughts will be heard loud and clear.

Sheeler spent weeks with Tesar. He shadowed him in the kitchen at The Commissary, at the bar in Tei-An, and at his condo on East Lovers Lane. During the interview process, Sheeler managed to track down Bourdain for a interview. After phone calls to publicists, assistants, and various emails and texts, Sheeler finally reached Bourdain on the phone. “Don’t ever let anybody ever tell you aren’t f**king good at your motherf**cking job,” Bourdain said to Sheeler when he answered the phone. “I don’t even want to know how you got this number.”

It’s a wild read. Tesar tells all.


  • I Know

    He tells all . . . but is it the truth?
    Doubtful. he’s not a guy known for telling the truth. And being the narcissist that he is, he’d rather be hated than ignored. he’s always wanted to be on the cover of D magazine. here we go . . .

  • Truth or lies it still looks like an interesting article!

  • Here we go!

  • Lee

    This dude must have a brilliant publicist. He is the Kim Kardashian of Dallas chefs.

  • Waiting w/ baited breath for this one…I love the dirt, and I’m sure Tesar has come out slingin’! The Bourdain quote was almost fantastic enough already!

  • Jt

    Hey I know, buy a magazine and find out . If it’s not the truth then talk your smack

  • TheJean

    Oh I love Anthony Bourdain!! Can’t wait. Does he trash talk about Tesar?

  • DCollier

    any way I can get this in DC?

  • Avid Reader

    Bourdain has already talked trash about Tesar. Tesar is mentioned in “Kitchen Confidential” under the pseudonym Jimmy Sears. Bourdain also tells another story about Jimmy Sears in “Don’t Try This at Home”. Both are very entertaining reads and not entirely complimentary of Tesar.

  • 4xTex

    Lee, by the Kim Kardashian of Dallas do you mean he a big ass? or that he’ll sell anything for a buck? Or that he’s all show and no go?


  • MeanJean

    I can’t fucking wait. Tesar you are a genius in the kitchen. When can we buy it?

  • 4xTex

    all the bashers be careful or we will have to read his resume for the third time…

  • Capt Jim

    FOOD SPARKS….It’s ‘bated” breath….NOT “baited” breath !!

  • Tex

    4xTex = dumbass

  • Customer

    The response that Tesar is a lair is ridiculous.
    The reason why people don’t like him is that he tells it like it is, without filter or sense of consequence he is a badass and some amazing cook

  • 4xTex

    how many of these comments are really JT? I think almost all….

  • I’ll actually purchase this one, instead of stealing it from the waiting room at the dentist. Can’t wait!

  • eater

    I have heard he is not a nice person to work for/with, a real insane screamer. I know people who worked at the Mansion for 10+years that were on the verge of cracking and walking away from their jobs under the Tesar 1? year.

    Sounds like he should learn to treat people like human beings, he could probably get better work out of them with out beating them down.

  • Oblivious

    I questioned my integrity, honesty, and self-respect everyday I went to work for Tesar due to his brutal bullying that happened EVERY. SINGLE. DAY. Somewhere I got caught up in his epic web of bullshit-wanted to believe he simply was “misunderstood”-then I stopped lying to myself. He truly is a master at his conartist
    “chef” routine-giving no credit to the line cooks who do his job-and for what? Some guy from the Hamptons to get the cover of D Magazine? Keep it movin Dallas.

  • SS

    I have to agree with “Customer.” One thing John Tesar is not is a liar. He is one to always tell things how it is, and at times, yes, he can be harsh but he is never harsh when it is not needed. JT one of the most real people I have ever met here in Dallas. I am very excited for this article for him, because many people jump to conclusions based on assumptions without even giving him a chance to hear his side and perspective on things. He is by far one of the most talented chefs I have ever met, with a great restaurant, killer concept and he is also a great guy. He may be unfiltered but he absolutely has the talent to back it up.

  • Sous chef

    I worked with Tesar at the Mansion and he taught me more than another chef I have ever worked with. He fought with the lazy servers and the fuvked up banquet department .He changed the dining scene in Dallas and is doing it again at Cedars and the Commissary. Haters get your heads out of your asses and eat his food. He is a nice guy too, unless your lazy and don’t belong in kitchens in the first place

  • Arts District Server

    JT is a joke. His non-sense didn’t fly in NYC. It ain’t happenin in Texas either. This chump has no class. I would venture to say this DB has posted 90% of these comments. LA-HA-LO-SER.

  • Reader

    Just read jason Seeler’s article. great job on this, by the way. very sad story. That dude is messed up. If he wasn’t such an a-hole I’d feel sorry for him.

  • Anoher Sous Chef

    Not sure when Sous Chef worked for JT but can’t have been during my time since none of us thought he was, shall we say, a very truthful man. Yes, he screams. Yes, he whipped some parts of the FoH into shape. And, yes, he knows a thing or two about cooking, but all that disappears between his outrageous claims (he told a line cook who’d worked for someone else before that he (JT) was good friends with that chef. Line cook called chef, chef basically said “I’d have hired you back any day of the week but you work for Tesar now, you’re spoiled goods, don’t come back”.

    Chefs don’t like Tesar. Not because he’s inconvenient, so are many others, and not because he’s good – there are much better ones out there – but because he’s, even for the raised standards of our craft, an egomaniac, compulsive untruth teller, and a flake.