Tesar Says He’ll Reopen The Table Under A New Name: One Art

Last night, John Tesar appeared on Extreme Chef and emerged victorious (and with $10,ooo prize money to show for it).

This morning, however, Steven Doyle reported this even more interesting (and par for the course) quote from the wild life of Mr. T:

“We closed The Table but we are about to open it back up again. It will be called One Art. The One Art is about the art of being a chef. There will be two seating’s, five nights a week. Much like Ad Hoc. There will be 3 courses or more. It will cost a flat $55. Everything farm to table and local as humanly possible. Less reliant on foie and truffles.”

So, there you have it. Let loose.


  • original name. super creative

  • Dr. Freud

    “Much like Ad Hoc.”

    Wow. Delusional AND grandiose.

  • I’m not seeing the need for a new name… what’s the major difference? No foie?

  • Critic

    I hope Lobster Night on Sunday remains at $35.00

  • Server

    I am a new server at the commissary and the service is much better it’s actually gotten very good. One art is going to be very different,how can you judge sometime before you see it or try it? It’s not even opening till mid Sept. Love this town !