Taco Taco Opens in Preston Royal in Dallas

I just stuck my head inside the just-opened Taco Taco restaurant in the southwest quadrant of Preston Royal Shopping Center. It’s located in the jinxed spot that runs along the side of Sushi Star. Most recently it was the Chicken Coop. The nice man at the door gave me a menu and a free sample of their chips and salsa. He claims everything is made fresh and they don’t use any lard. Short menu includes quesadillas, tacos, burritos, and “fresh smashed” guacamole. 5954 Royal Ln. 214-750-4420.

UPDATE: I was just contacted by a representative from Taco Taco in San Antonio who says the name is trademarked.

“Can you please edit your article. The name Taco Taco is copyrighted and trademarked by the famous restaurant in San Antonio. Permission was not given to whomever opened this store and are not affiliated whatsoever with the one in San Antonio. A lawsuit will be filed Monday for trademark infringement .”

I spoke with owner Eddie Hija. He was unaware of the San Antonio restaurant. “I went to the city and registered my DBA and nothing came up under that name,” Hija said. “They may be registered in San Antonio but I didn’t see it in Dallas.”


  • JoJo

    When do they open, or have they already?

  • They opened last Friday.

  • He claims everything is made fresh and they don’t use any lard.

    They had me interested right up until that part. You can’t make tortillas right without a solid fat, and I’m not eating hydrogenated shortening.

  • Scagnetti

    Oh goody, another chef driven taco joint!

  • Scott

    But I like lard

  • heelsoftar

    Neighboring Sushi Star declined to claim everything is fresh. They also no not use Rard.

  • Uppercase Matt

    Hope they fare better than the last tex-mex place in that spot — Rio, I think it was called.

  • Twinwillow

    Lard, Good!

  • RANA

    we stopped by 2 days ago .
    delicious fresh food,
    the guy at the front door is friendly and offered some fresh salsa and warm chips
    we had the best dinner at taco taco and i encourage everybody to go there and try their food

  • SAM


  • Dimitri

    These guys just totally ripped the name off of the famous one in San Antonio. Here comes the lawsuit!!!!

  • Stephen O.

    I want my money back. Easy 3-taco order took TWENTY MINUTES with no other customers @ 12 noon on Tuesday.

    Flavorless tacos, salsa with ZERO heat, bland beans. Oh of you want chips n salsa, it’ll be $2 on top of the already high prices. Fresh ingredients but awful recipes. No hot sauces available. And you have to drink Coke out of CANS.

    Plus they weren’t even playing Mexican music. It was Spanish Flamenco music and they thought YOU wouldn’t be able to tell…

    You’re better off going to a gas-station taqueria. At least their barbacoa has taste.


  • JC40

    Just went there. It was just Okay. The tacos were kinda bland really. With all the new and good taco places around town, they’ll need to up their game to survive.

    The owner’s quote mixes up checking a local BDA with a registered trademark. They are different things, dude.

  • Mike

    Been there twice now. Very friendly service, their ground beef is awesome, and their toppings are very fresh and delicious. Love the burrito, will try the fish tacos next time. Was very quick too, good place to grab lunch. Oh and it’s apparently BYOB, nice! Who cares about the name, the guy even said he’d change it if he had to, whoever said he purposefully ripped off the place in San Antonio has no clue what he’s talking about.

  • Hector

    Best fish tacos I’ve ever had, everything tasted fresh and authentic Very friendly service Must try for sure….

  • Roro

    I had dinner there with my family couple of days ago. The staff were friendly, the atmosphere very welcoming. We tried the fresh guacamole, very tasty and absolutely fresh. Each of us, tried a different platter, i chose the chicken tacos, the portion size was perfect, the service was quick, and the prices are very affordable. The ingredients were absolutely fresh, and most importantly they are healthy 🙂 I definitely would go back there real soon.