Success Story: Shannon Stone Fundraiser at Pecan Lodge Catering in Dallas Farmers Market

Burnt ends, caramelized onions, and Hatch chile pizza by Jay Jerrier of Cane Rosso.

I received several texts and tweets from peeps who attended last nights barbecue bonanza fundraiser at Pecan Lodge Catering at the Dallas Farmers Market. According to one of the organizers, the event raised close to $10,000 for the family of Lt. Shannon Stone, the fireman who died in July after falling head first from the stands at the Ballpark in Arlington.

The twEAT of the night came from the Pope of Pizza, Jay Jerrier who apparently made a pie covered with burnt ends, caramelized onions, and roasted hatch green chiles. Holy crow I could eat that right now.Jerrier says he made at least 50 pies and he plans to make them at his restaurant until the chiles run out.

How lovely to see Pecan Lodge Catering, Lockhart Smokehouse, and Cane Rosso work together to create such a spirited evening. If last night revealed the character of our next generation of restaurateurs, then we have a bright future.


  • Marcus

    It was a great time and a good turnout. All of the above, plus Brian Luscher, did an exceptional job. Jay’s pizza were damn hard to come by.

    The bad news is that I didn’t win the dinner with Nancy. Monkey paw, how about you, E. Grant and I do breakfast?

  • Yes – Luscher’s pulled pork sandwiches were awesome…and Cane Rosso stole his bottle of house made hot sauce so we can use it on pizzas all week. We had lots of people “jumping the route”…once they figured out where the pizzas were coming from they camped out at the oven. Highlight of the night for me was having unrestricted access to burnt ends from Lockhart and Pecan Lodge.

  • Marcus


    I didn’t see you send two custom pies to your family’s table, did I?

  • I got hold of some of those burnt ends with Luscher’s hot sauce. HOT. DAMN.

  • The Luscher sauce along with Jay’s burnt end pizza was the highlight for me. That and meeting foodbitch. Luscher also shared some of his home-made sausage with the group which is always a good thing.

    It was an honor to watch these pros in action who are never hesitant to lend a hand when needed.

  • It was a fantastic evening! Thank you to everyone that came out and everyone that contributed their time and talents! What shall we do for an encore? (I need to try the hot sauce apparently!)