Special Report: First Customer at Dough Spends $62 for Lunch. Sends Pictures and Report

Jon Battle looking victorious outside of Dough on opening day.

Ladies and gentlemen, and I use those terms loosely, meet Jon Battle. He pestered me for months about the opening of Dough in Dallas. He’s a FANatic fan of their pizza. Well, the persistent Mr. Battle was the first official Dallas customer to enter Dough Pizzeria Napoletana when they opened this morning. He took a bunch of nice pictures which I have entered below the jump.

All photos by Jonathon Battle:

The kitchen crew.

Black truffle rollatini.

Rasberry cream Italian soda.

Large "Pork Love" pie.

Polenta cake.


  • going for dinner this week. can’t wait.

    kind of a misleading headline – makes it sound like the guy came in for a quick lunch and got shaken down for $62.

    ball’s in your court, marco’s…

  • Amy S

    So important to know – do they have a liquor license or are they BYOB like Cane R?

  • Jon Battle

    No shakedown at all. I came to enjoy the food, there were 2 of us and money was not an issue

  • Robie

    I hope he got more than just those pictured items for his $62.

  • VM

    Was that $62? How did the pricing break down?

  • Suspense

    Jon- is there a full bar? Any problems with service? If not, I see no reason to wait!! Great addition to the neighborhood!

  • Jon Battle

    Price breakdown (there were 2 of us eating). Sorry this has gotten to be so $$ focused. The FOODS was amazing and worth it.

    Rollatin1 – $14
    Large Pizza – $ 20
    Drinks: $6.50
    Polenta Cake: $8.00
    Tax: $4.00
    Tip: $9.00
    Total $61.50

  • Jon Battle

    Full bar…I think yes…wine for sure. Well staffed…buzzy atmosphere (that is good). No service issues and this was Day 1 🙂

  • Cane Rosso isn’t always BYOB. I’ve bought plenty of glasses of wine there.

  • There is a full bar. I wrote the headline. Sorry. I went to and my first impression was it was pricey.

  • Suspense

    Jon- just what I wanted to hear. Thaanks for providing us this report. I will be there very soon!!

  • andres

    surprised im the first to mention anything about how friggin awesome that pizza looks

  • Jon Battle

    Well said @andres – it was awesome and it went down easy. I watched it go in the oven..and 90 seconds later out of the oven..and then 30 seconds later in front of me. It was stunning

  • bluebird

    $8 for polenta cake with a squidge of whipped cream?

  • Scagnetti

    This is making my Italian food pants go crazy.

  • Kim K

    I ate there today too! The food was amazing! My lunch pizza and salad was only $9.95 – well worth it! You need to keep in mind this is a gourmet, fine dining type of place. It was great and there is nothing like it in the city.

  • JonBattle

    @KimK thank you for saying what I’ve been trying to say today. It’s about the food..and it is wonderful.

  • its not cheap, but ts good quality. fresh ingredients are not cheap.

    what i hate is an expensive place that tries to pass off crappy ingredients hidden by “atmosphere” or “a scene”.

    this was fantastically fresh ingredients, seemingly very authentic (i’m not an italian/neapolitan expert by any means) experience and great service.

    not cheap. but not a ripoff.

    $8 polenta cake…my only thought after giving them $8 for that cake was how quickly i would be back for another one. one of the best desserts i’ve had in dallas in recent memory.

    the tirimasu was good and fresh, but not particularly memorable. there is good t-su in this town. i’ve never had anything like the polenta cake.

    i hope all this buzz doesn’t take away from what Jay is doing with Il Cane Rosso and other are doing around town. its not about finding a winner. when the competitive marketplace results in multiple quality options, the “winner” is the diner.

    i feel like rip van winkle – one day i woke up and dallas was a top notch pizza town!

  • Werewolf of Frisco

    We’ll be trying Dough tonight… Looks amazing. And I agree with jonfromtjs, finding great pizza isn’t about ‘beating’ Il Cane Rosso or Cavalli or insert your personal favorite.It’s about encouraging good food. One thing that I particularly appreciate about Jay from Il Cane Rosso is that he seems to go way out of his way to acknowledge that there are other pizza places that make great pies in Dallas, a sure sign of class and confidence. And a special thanks to Jon Battle for the photo’s and info!

  • Grumpy Demo

    Too much topping, crust looks over cooked, when did not paying attention and burning the pie become gourmet?

  • Twinwillow

    @Werewolf- Jay Jerrier is a class act and a true gentleman! He feels, (pardon the pun) there is more than enough slices of the pie for all of us.