Somebody Help This Poor Greek Virgin Out

A Monday-morning reader asks:

Hey, y’all! My sister’s coming in town from Chicago. Our family has this tradition where, on each visit, we pick one nationality and eat everything that city has to offer. Last time she came to town it was Vietnamese. The time before that we did French. This time she wants to do Greek. I need some help making a list (and a schedule) of all the decent places to get Greek food. We’ll go as far North as Frisco if we must.Also, what are some things on a Greek menu that we should try but might not know about?

A worthy task. Let’s help him out.


  • Heather

    Kosta’s on Greenville is AWESOME!! So is Greek Isles in Plano. John’s over on lower Greenville is Greek owned and has a tasty gyro as well as other more mainstream selections. Haven’t been yet, but there is also a little place over on Davis at Bishop that I keep meaning to try…

  • eat my cohorts

    I’ve been a big fan of Ziziki’s for years now. It’s not too spendy at all and you get homemade pita and tzaziki sauce, which is something you dont always find at gyro joints.

    i even made the trek to Ziziki’s Taverna in Addison. very cool space and a more casual. they also offer small plates, tapas style.

    Cafe Greek (good, fresh buffet) on LBJ & Preston is good for lunch and has an array of choices.

    Kosta’s is very, very good on Greenville Ave as noted.

    There are some surprisingly good choices here in Dallas, which hold up to the Greek greatness of Chicago. Have fun!

  • Martin

    Platia Greek Kouzina in Frisco is great.
    Wonderful Gyro and tzatziki. Oh, and the lemon soup…mmmmmh.

  • SAM

    Second the recommendation for Greek Isles in Plano. Hard to find, but worth it. It’s a small mom and pop type of place.
    Kosta’s in Plano is good, too, and has a really nice atmosphere.(The location near Collin Creek Mall, don’t know about the other one)
    Zorba’s in Plano is a more more exuberant place. There is supposedly live entertainment some days, too, so check ahead for that.

  • Kris

    Sevan G&G Cafe on Lower Greenville is awesome! The Dad cooks and the Mom and kids stick to the front of the house. They have everything from great hummus and eggplant dip to amazing gyros and kabobs. And it’s BYOB! We’ve been going for years and love it.

  • DFWFoodie

    Ziziki’s for sure – unbelievable food and a cool atmosphere.

  • LJT

    What about Stratos? I love their gyro! AND you get belly dancers!
    @Heather – the place on Davis/Bishop has good food but service is pretty slow. They feel the need apologize just a little too much in my book.

  • Amy

    Cafe Medi in Hurst is SOOOOOOO good. Definitely worth the drive!

  • Tr

    I’ll second Sevan. We stumbled on it a while back and were really impressed with this modest place.

  • Skipme

    As a Greek, the Greek restaurants here are poor especially compared to Chicago. I’d switch the theme from Greek to Mexican. Greek Isles food is probably the best of the bunch. Zizikis is good for atmosphere but prices are too high and they have the nerve to charge $3 to split plates.

  • irodguy

    I have been to all of them. The best buy far is Platia in Frisco. I would stay far far away from Greek isles. Kosta’s is okay but nowhere near as good.

  • yes!

    This is the most racy post I’ve ever seen on Side Dish.

  • Martin


    Have you tried Platia? Their food is good – coming from Germany where we have lots of Greek immigrants I have some food experience – and their prices are reasonable.

  • Skipme

    @Martin I have not tried it. I have heard of it but never tried it. I will give a shot sometime. The Greek food here is really disappointing overall.

  • Alston

    Charlie’s Opa on Preston and 635 has great flavor in their gyro meat. Zorba’s at Preston and Plano pkwy has the North texas’ best avgolemeno.

  • Skipme

    I do like Opa’s but not really a place to take out of town guests unless they are over 70. Just checked out Platia’s menu and it looks very good.

  • Heath

    Ziziki’s is very good but Kosta’s on Greenville is as authentic as it gets.

  • lk

    Another vote for Platia Greek Kouzina, plus its BYOB.

  • HK

    Zorbas. Great food. BYOB

  • katherine

    coming from a half-greek family — we always go to the Kosta’s in plano.

  • Glenn Campbell


  • D

    Greek food sucks in Dallas Proper.

    -Kosta’s= Average at Best
    -Stratos is Bad, and whether or not your car will still be there once you finish your meal is anyone’s guess.
    -Ziziki’s is not real greek food, is expensive, and just OK.
    -Greek Isle is good, and is by far the best of restaurants anybody else has mentioned. The lamb shank on the weekends is AWESOME.

    -The BEST restaurant I have found is Istanbul Grill in Arlington. My Gf and I have been on a mediterranean mission recently, so trust me when I tell you that this place is the BEST. We have been to probably 15 different greek/mediterranean restaurants in the past 3 months and this is hands down the best we have been to. It’s not close but it is worth it. Everything is made from scratch (except the pita, but the focus should be on all the other ingredients and not the bread). Most of these “greek restaurants” use frozen gyro meat that they put on the rotisserie. Not at Istanbul Grill. Plus they are very accomodating to any special requests, good luck getting that at one of these other restaurants. It’s also part of the Mediterranean area of Arlington that was featured on Diner’s Drive in’s and Dives. The Lamb Saute (Tava) with Lamb Kabob instead of gyro is amazing (an expensive substitution free of charge), a true Greek dish, that can’t be found anywhere else in DFW, is fantastic. The owner/chef is Turkish and spent many years in NYC at Turkish/Mediterranean restaurants before coming here to Arlington.

    Also, I live near SMU so it’s not close and convenient for me to get to Istanbul Grill, so when I’m telling you that it is AMAZING, you need to try it. Closest thing to Chicago you will find, and I’ve spent many nights eating great Greek food in Chicago, and I love the Greek Town area.

  • Martin

    Istanbul Grill might be amazing, but from all you said it’s a TURKISH restaurant. It’s not the same thing. And since Turks and Greeks don’t get along well, a Turk making Greek food would be weird.

  • D

    Martin- check the menu at Istanbul Grill. Very Greek influenced. Even if the guy is Turkish, much of the menu is Greek. They have gyro and kebab and baklava, and many of the other traditional dishes. There are Turkish dishes too. If you want Greek food Istanbul Grill is still better than any of the crap everyone else has listed.

  • Macpad

    @d- baklava and kebab are really Turkish items.

  • Amir

    I’m half Greek, half Lebanese so i have a good knowledge about Mediterranean food, especially Greek. From all Greek restaurants in Dallas i choose Platia and the reason is that Platia is more authentic than any other restaurant in the area. Food cooked by Greek cooks and not from Spanish cooks(where they have no idea what the real taste of the recipes they follow supposed to be) and also 4/5 servers are from Greece. So what are we talking about?