Rumors Behind the Restaurant News: Blythe Beck Resigns From Central 214

Awaiting official confirmation, but my inside source says The Naughty Chef, Blythe Beck, is leaving Central 214 to do some sort of naughty themed bus tour.

UPITTY DATE: Beck is still in the kitchen until the end of September.

UPITTY UPDATE: ” Wow! You work fast lady!! Yes I have resigned from Central 214,” Beck said. “I am leaving to go work on a personal project. I will be at Central 214 until September 30th. I am still doing my cooking class!”


  • Hmmm, her own place maybe? 🙂 Go Blythe, do your naughty thing!

  • Karl

    So naughty means huge w/ tons of butter and other assorted killer ingredients.

    Count me out on naughty. Yuck.

  • B diddy

    I’ve thought this from the onset… I’m with Karl. But best wishes for her.

  • BangBusFan

    Is she doing the Blythe Beck Bang Bus 2011 tour?

    Picturing lots of butter gravy and no clothes with one of the door whores filming it all!

  • Yeah, she’s a bit rough around the edges. Ok, very rough around the edges. However, after working for her a while I ended up really respecting her. Honestly, she’s got a really great personality that takes time to see. She’s also a hell of a cook AND chef. I like her perspective re: the unhealthy aspect of food from her menu. She’s aware of the health concerns. Just considers eating her food as a kind of vacation. When it’s ok to go a bit too far because it’s those two old magic words “comfort food”. I like B diddy’s attitude. Not for him/her but still wishes a fellow human being good fortune. It’d be nice if we were all so accepting of people and attitudes even if they’re not for us. There are plenty of restaurants and chefs to support. If one displeases you I say find another that does. There’s no need to be rude.

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