Robert Colombo’s Primo’s Deal is on Shaky Ground

On June 15, I reported Robert Colombo’s “deal” to “buy” Primo’s. It was a complicated transaction that essentially made Colombo a partner in the restaurant which is owned by Phil Lacerte and Frank Linero. Colombo and crew were brought in to freshen the place up and manage the restaurant. Colombo hired Tony Porcaro, the former general manager at Nick& Sam’s and Bella Restaurant, to perform the same duties at Primo’s.

Porcaro is out and Colombo may be right behind him. The deal has never been formerly inked. At least that is what Colombo is saying. “We are going through difficult negotiations,” Colombo said. “We aren’t sure if it will be finalized but its been a good experience. We had the basics finalized. They aren’t restaurant guys and they brought us in to do renovations. But they’ve been in Aspen and the Bahamas so we didn’t get it executed.”

I asked Colombo what his official position at Primo’s is at this time. Is he still observing the restaurant’s operations? “Gee, I don’t have a definitive answer to it,” Colombo said. “We never did day-to-day or controlled the bank accounts. I’d say I’m actively negotiating and not technically a partner.” Colombo runs La Reve group which owns Villa-O and Sfuzzi’s. He recently closed Trece.


  • Borborygmus

    Isn’t he supposed to be opening the new place at Royal and Preston as well?

    And he’s here, on Youtube, shilling credit card factoring to restaurants for Brad Woy (who DMag featured in their recent “Best of” edition):

  • No, that is his brother Patrick Colombo in Preston Royal.

  • eater

    My company offers the same credit card cash advance at a 10%, not the Brad 60%.

    Do some research

  • frank

    Then he obviously never had a deal, as he and you, previously reported. (funny no homework was done). I guess that Harry Winston’s ad money carries a big stick! Yes, it is Patrick at Preston/Royal, a much better operator, and I know he will do well.
    Eater, get the word out, I know a lot of restaurateurs that have done that in the past as it is sometimes a necessary product. Youtube-really?? He’s so successful, he’s desperate? Maybe he isn’t all that good of a restaurant guy, but we now know that Nancy sure loves him!!!!!

  • Tinkerbell


    Robert hasn’t had a connection to Harry Winston’s in over 2 years. Try another angle.

  • frank

    really, then how is this crook able to still do business in Texas? He exited when he was ousted from his own company and ran to NY, then, when he got into trouble in NY, came running back to look for more suckers…really? Do YOUR homework….why is he (off limits) to the ppl he has screwed over the years? Wanna rethink that?

  • frank

    ps, I know of at least 5 lawsuits against him over Trece and “the club”………trust me, he’s not that special….

  • Dear Frank, what in the hell are you talking about? What does Harry Winston have to do with this? There are plenty of crooks doing business in Dallas. If running them all down was my full-time job, believe me I would run them all down. Read between the lines above. It’s pretty obvious lies were told and there is something stinky in the deal.

  • tinkerbell


    frank is referring to Robert’s wife, who used to be the store director of Harry Winston in Highland Park Village, but hasn’t been there in two years. He obviously doesn’t care for Robert and is looking for reasons why Robert is able to continue to do business in Texas. It is not my interest or business to speculate on that topic. But, clearly frank’s venom is fueled by passion and not necessarily a lot of facts. Robert’s business has nothing to do with his wife’s.

  • Thanks, Tinkerbell.