Restaurant Review: Marquee Grill and Bar in Dallas

Lobster and squid ceviche and executive chef Tre Wilcox. (Photography by Kevin Marple.)

A champagne-colored Lexus SUV filled with four well-coifed, middle-aged women pulls up to the valet stand. Attendants surround the car and, with a flourish, simultaneously fling open all four doors. Expensive perfume scents the hot summer breeze. One woman stoops to adjust her strappy Jimmy Choos while another rearranges the belt over her Prada sundress. And then, with everything just so, they step onto the sidewalk and approach the entrance to Marquee Grill & Bar in Highland Park Village.

Jump for it.


  • tejasmom

    Your review is very similar to our experience. We sat in the bar area, which was fine. The appetizers were the best part of our meal, the rest of which was fine without being exceptional. We found it disappointing since we have had really fine meals at so many other Dallas restaurants. I would go back for cocktails and appetizers.