• Emily

    Kroger on McArthur and 635. Not too big but for $1.50 they were heaven!

  • CT

    Fiesta in Dallas had them last week for $1.00. Very tasty.

  • Cassie

    Farmers market place across from park in downtown Plano b4 the train tracks.

  • The Dallas Farmer’s Market has had them for the last few weekends. The free samples are super sweet!

  • Twinwillow

    Went to Fiesta today for Pecos cantaloupes. None from Texas. They were from Colorado and, $1.99 each!

  • Cellarmaster

    Bought some from the DT farmers market last weekend…They were a bit on the small side but the vodka I infused with them was the nectar of the Gods and a HUGE hit!I think I paid $5 for 3! I’ll find out the vendor I got them from in the morning and repost…

  • christy martin

    .99 at Roy Pope grocery in Ft Worth.