My Turn: Dough Pizzeria Napoletana in Dallas

Arugula and prosciutto pie from Dough Pizzeria Napoletana in Dallas. (N.N.)

The boys at the office wanted to try Dough’s (I am now officially shortening the name) pizza so, ever eager to please Zac and Tim, I headed over. I arrived a little before noon. No lines. The restaurant was about 80 percent occuPIED. There were five people at the host stand, one of which I believe was co-founder Lori Horn. (The Dallas location is owned and operated by Keith Hall and Brad Liles.)

Anywhoo, I asked if they did take-out. The gal I believe to be Lori Horn (GBTBLH) winced. “We really wish you would have a seat and eat your pizza here,” said GBTBLH. “By the time you transport it anywhere you will not get the whole experience. It only takes 90 seconds to make and it just doesn’t taste the same outside of the restaurant.” I persisted. “My office workers will be very disappointed,” I said. Then GBTBLH said I should call them and have them come over. I really didn’t want to have to explain what Tim Rogers would say to that phone call so I insisted one more time.

With a heavy heart, GBTBLH made me the second person to order take-out at Dough in Dallas.


Margherita "STG" from Dough Pizzeria Napoletana in Dallas.

I counted at least 30 people working and that doesn’t include the people in the kitchen. I sat at the bar (yes, they have a full bar). I have never seen so many happy people working in one room. They have to be taking something. As the REM’s “Shiny Happy People” played in my head, the two nice guys behind the bar chatted me up. They were very chatty. One of the hostesses came over and she was also very chatty. It has to be in the water. I ordered a glass of water.

Poof! All of a sudden a small Margarita STC pie was delivered to me. “You have to eat this while it’s hot,” one of the chatty people said. By now I was dizzy from the chattiness. I gulped the water hoping to get up to their speed. The pie was hot and covered with bubbling and buttery mozzarella Bufala and Parm/Regg on a light layer of sweet tomato sauce. “Our basil is hydroponic,” the nice chatty man at the bar said. “It’s alive right now in the kitchen.”

The lobster scene from Annie Hall crossed through my mind and I imagined the squeals coming from the basil as they hand plucked it from the mother cord and shoved it in the pizza crematorium. Just then, my two pies were boxed up and ready to go. They took packaged the fresh arugula and prosciutto in a separate container so it wouldn’t faint in my car. Flash, $40 later, I was out the door.

Back in the office, the boys were happy with the pizza. There must have been about a C-cup mound of prosciutto on that one 11-inch pie. Perhaps that fact alone justifies the $22 price tag. I don’t know if this is a good or bad result of authentic Neapolitan Pizza, but when I checked my teeth in the mirror after eating,  my gums were lined with cracker-like dough. Too much information? Sorry.


  • “occuPIED” — You grinned when you typed that, didn’t you!

  • Spurger

    Was one of the people waiting for the doors to open at 11:00AM! Dough did not disappoint! The margherita pizza was perfection! The polenta cake was just like my Nonna use to make! I fell in love today with Dough!

  • Whole family is here. Burata sampler amazing. Salad amazing. Pizzas on way.

  • Gipson

    Unless they counter cool it themselves, I wonder why the insistence on eating the pizza immediately. Pizza’s at its best when it’s had a good 10-15 minutes to set up a little. I always like the last couple slices more than the first couple. So, what gives? Trying to hide the fact that their crust goes limp if not eaten immediately?

    I love this style of pizza and will surely try this place before too long, but with so many terrific options (Urban Crust, Cane Rosso, Zanata, Fireside Pies), it’s going to be a tough call going to “the expensive one.”

  • Preston Hollow-er

    At least Dough hasn’t slandered us Preston Hollow peeps.

  • Van

    ^Or maybe they don’t want to become too take-out dependent and give their customers that initial impression. Check average will much greater with dine-in customers. They can open the take-out option later if biz dictates. JMO. Food looks great.

  • Kim K

    One word – Divine! The burrata was off the charts! Pizza was amazing! Next time I am going to save room for dessert! Definately worth the money!

  • The pizza actually traveled well. It has been firm for 3 1/2 hours. Do I have to contact anyone after it has been firm for 4?

  • Gipson

    I’m glad to hear that Dough can keep it up, as it were.

  • Truck driver

    I took home 3 pizzas. A pork lover, Arugula & prosciutto, and fromaggio. They were all delicious. No shortage of high quality product. Clean and clear flavors. Definitely going back soon. Thanks again for the margherita it was awesome!

  • Hmmm. Sounds chemical-esque.

  • david

    Looks great, maybe I missed it but address?

  • david, the address is below the post. Dough is in the northwest quadrant of Preston Forest Shopping Center.

  • further report – pizza was sublime. service spectacular. no first day jitters.

    and the polenta cake? ooohhh, the polenta cake. save room.

    so excited to have this quality in the neighborhood.

  • Robie

    That aint pizza in that first photo.

  • logan

    I’m glad i’m not the only one that likes my pizza better when i don’t eat it straight out of the oven.

  • Robie, you have a point.

  • Waiting

    o.m.g — just got back from Dough and it was FABULOUS. We got there around 5:30p — by the time we left there was a wait. The Burrata was unbelievable and the pizza was good ( can’t decide yet which I like better — Cane Rosso or Dough.) The service was excellent and the place had a good vibe. Such a great addition to the neighborhood. It exceeded expectations.

  • TST

    Just finishing up at Dough now. It is crazy busy in here but the experience has been awesome! I am probably going to dream about the Fontina pizza tonight. I know a lot of people are trying to compare this to Cane Rosso but in my mind there is no comparison. Cane Rosso is good but Dough is out of this world!

  • Food Fan

    Let’s just say it lived up to all the hype…

  • Grimaldi

    Dough was fabulous. Great sampler, pizza, polenta cake. The atmosphere and service was very pleasant. Can’t wait to go back and try their other dishes.

  • Scargo

    Nancy – you must go back and try more than just pizza! The pizza’s are great but it was the wine list, cheese sampler (ohhh that burrata) and dessert (specifically polenta cake and panna cotta) that put Dough over the top for me.

  • It looks like someone dumped a salad on a pizza and then added bacon as an after thought.

    If it was firm after three hours it was over cooked.

    Dallas where over priced quantity will aways win over quality.

  • Charm Offensive

    @Grumpy why the hate? what has possessed you to respond in what you perceive to be a clever manner to every single recent post concerning this restaurant? especially when it seems that not only have you never been but never plan to try it–despite the glowing words of those who have been?

    Just curious…

  • Suspense

    @grumpy — keep your business with Dominos. Not everyone can appreciate superb food.

  • TheJean

    Very funny write up.

  • Twinwillow

    Ate lunch here today. Although everything was good, I found the crust to be thinner and more crispy (sturdier?) than Cane Rosso’s crust. More, “commercial” if you like. I also preferred the overall flavor of Cane Rosso’s pies (less commercial). More like what I ate in Italy.
    And, Dough is definitely more expensive than Cane Rosso. You can probably put that down to the rent they’re paying. The lunch special ($9.99) is indeed, a very good deal. These descriptions are mostly subjective and I’m sure there will be differing opinions. But, these are my opinions based on what I ate today.
    Cane Rosso is still my (personal) favorite. Dough would be a close runner up.

  • Suspense

    @twinwillow- I don’t think anyone expected you to like dough more than CR.

  • Sorry for believing that presentation is an important part of the dining experience. Who knew it was “hate”?

  • Not Grumpy

    @ Grumpy – if you read the article, you can blame the presentation on Nancy. She mentioned that Dough packaged the arugula and prosciutto separately so it would not “faint in the car”. It sounds like she is the one who applied it to the pizza, thus the presentation…:)

  • ..

    That “is” pizza in the first photo- anyone who has ever done “pizza” in Italy knows that the arugula and prosciutto pizza is a viable selection on most menu’s

  • Alanda

    Again, Nancy knows “what” about pizza? Service was horrible, pizza okay at best……….go ahead Dallas, wait in line for what you think is good pizza…..I will be over at Grimaldi’s savoring my pie without the crowds…..I guess I should thank Nancy for knowing very little about food and service……

  • Luigina

    You are so ignorant you don’t deserve to even try this pizza.
    Your knowledge of pizza and Italian food is so rudimentary that you should just stick to Pizza hut. Your cultural level is what make this place so backward: you know? there exists a whole other world (and its cuisine) beside your baked Texas land…. learn to live, man