Meso Maya in Dallas is Open

Meso Maya opened tonight. The “simple modern Mexican food” restaurant is located in the former Chic from Barcelona space in Preston Forest Shopping Center a couple of doors down from Dough. The 4,800-square foot space is owned by Mike Karns, president of El Fenix. The chef is Nico Sanchez, formerly of Consilient Restaurants (The Porch, Hibiscus). The house specialty will be Budin Azteca, sort of a Mexican lasagna or tortilla pie if you will, along with sopas such as sopa de lima and posole de puerco.


  • Uppercase Matt

    Their website says dinner only in August; lunch served starting September.

  • TheJean

    I just asked our waiter and he said dinner only for now. Food is amazing!

  • kathyroby

    I love collective buying!!! Want to get food at the lowest prices? Then the place is called “Printapon” find them online

  • SDM

    since when is Preston/Forest in the Park Cities?

  • whoops, good catch. thanks, sdm. Yes dinner only. lunch in a few weeks

  • acrow

    Does anyone have access to the menu?

  • floraspann

    Awesome, Printapon saves me time and money! You can see the coupons instantly and don’t have to search for ones.