• Creepy Guy at the Bar

    Or – The Classy Corridor! Yep. It’s a sad fact. Even more sad is how many kiddos are brought in to those places to eat. But, hey! At least the little ones are closer in age to the waitresses than myself and my creepy friends who ogle at the bar. Soooooo, Hooter’s for HH tomorrow? They play cool 70’s rock, so I know I’m welcome.

  • J-Rome

    Take a trip to Grapevine…Tilted Kilt, Hooters, and Bone Daddy’s are within steps from each other.

  • Must be based on a demographic study showing the highest concentration of low IQs and obese middle aged men in the city.

  • D Money

    Red Neck heaven by far the best….. @Grumpy Demo….. you are either a fat lady or a gay man.

  • SAM

    Ya’ll don’t get up north much, do you? Those restaurants have been there for a while. If you get off the freeway and head off into Lewisville, Carrollton or Coppell you’ll find much better places to eat. But, I don’t think people are going to the restaurants mentioned here for the food.

  • Slappy Keilbasa

    @D Money, agreed!! Great service, good food. Fun atmosphere. Lack of simple-minded, arrogant “Grumpy Demos” makes it blissful. Simple pleasures: breasts, beer, and brats. Everyone else is in denial.