Hooters Execs Jump Ship to Expand the Addison-based Twin Peaks Breastaurant Brand

Execs ink the deal surrounded by their winning assets. (Photo courtesy of Twin Peaks)

Intern Harrison Smith attended a press conference this morning during which it was announced that a thundering herd of Hooters execs will be leaving Boob City (Hooters) for the rapidly expanding Breastville (Twin Peaks). Read on for his straight-from-the-press-conference-floor business tidbit:

An investment group led by Coby Brooks, who served as president and CEO at Hooters of America LLC from 2003 until last month, has signed a series of development agreements to open 35 new Twin Peaks restaurants over the next 10 years. Twin Peaks, an Addison-based restaurant franchise operating under Front Burner LLC, currently has 15 locations in five states. Six more are slated to open this year.

Four other former Hooters executives will join him in his La Cina Restaurants franchise group: Joe Hummel, former executive vice president of operations and purchasing; Roger Gondek, former vice president of company store operations; Clay Mingus, former vice president and general counsel; and Jim Tessmer, former vice president and controller. All four resigned from Hooters of America last month due to a frustration with the way things were handled at the company, Brooks says.

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Patti Frederick, who served as business administrator for former Hooters of America owner Bob Brooks, also joins the team. The group plans to open restaurants in six states over the next ten years, at a pace of one every six months. “The hardest part,” said Brooks, “is learning their system. Every restaurant’s got a different way of doing things.” Brooks stressed that there’s a difference between Hooters and Twin Peaks, with Twin Peaks stressing fresh food much more than Hooters.

The development agreement reunites the previous two Hooters of America CEOs, Coby Brooks and Rick Akam, under the Twin Peaks brand. (Akam was named Twin Peaks’ COO in May after serving as CEO of Hooters from 1995 to 2003.)

“His decision to join the Twin Peaks management team made my decision to pursue this opportunity that much easier,” said Brooks in a statement.


  • bluebird

    being of the female persuasion, i avoid-like-the-plague all of these places, which allows me to ignore the fact that they even exist. but this photo forces me to confront what looks like a pack of leering males and three of the “gals” without whom the concept could not happen. i realize the ladies are making a living and doing the best they can with what they have, but i can still wish they’d find another line of work and not line up to be exploited. big ol’ yuck

  • aimee

    HA – “not line up to be exploited.” Sounds like your nose is stuck up higher than the twin peaks. How’s that fresh mountain air? I’m sure you go out of your way to dress like an unkempt nun at your fancy schmancy office job to ensure you only get promotions/raises strictly based on your job performance – and NEVER your appearance, right bluebird?

  • bluebird

    aimee, as my coworkers would tell you, i do somewhat dress like an unkempt nun, so you have me nailed. i wasn’t trying to be superior at all, i don’t think i’m better than anyone else who’s trying to make a living – i just think society would be a better place if men didn’t create restaurants where the main dish was tits, and women didn’t go along with it

  • Crater Lake

    What goes with tits? Hollandaise?

  • aimee

    Oh, Crater Lake, Saint Benedict of Nursia would be crestfallen. ;(

  • Jo Bennett

    Hey it is for all of the adolescent boyz who just NEVER grow up and never get over leering and foolish women who think that is all they have going for them…and I do not look like an unkempt nun!

  • Daniel

    I’m guessing I won’t score any points here by declaring that I have a nun fetish.

  • Jill

    As a former employee of hooters (for 13 yrs) I can assure u that only men are the one’s being exploited……I made about 50k a yr telling them about themselves, think Carla from cheers. Now I own my own business and am happy to say I was a hooter girl!

  • Dave

    Who exactly is being exploited here? These smart and succesful women apply for a job (they are not sought after). Then, once they get a job, they make money and most of them, launch successful careers as models, restaurant managers and owners, politicians, etc. These girls are calendar models, appear in magazines, featured on TV shows – so again, who exactly is being exploited here. I think the girls use the company as a launching pad and I say hooray for them! At least they are making a living and taking care of themselves – their job is no different than any other working class female. Those who think these women are being exploited need to educate themselves and face reality that this is their choice and you should not judge.