Garden Cafe Considers Laying Hens

My favorite tweet of the morning comes from Garden Cafe:

Any of our fans own laying hens? What’s your experience with them? Should we try it out?

The idea of backyard chickens always makes me think of Martha Stewart and her fancy birds. Regardless, urban livestock is cool, and I’m sure Garden Cafe would love to hear from you poultry-philes in the comments section.




  • eat my cohorts

    I havent been back there after 3 underwhelming meals about a year to 1.5 yr ago…has it improved?

  • kw

    Not really. sometimes the breakfasts are ok and sometimes they are lacking in flavor.

    We took the parents there for lunch one time and we all ordered BLTs. After 20 minutes, we got BL’s but no Tomato. No apologies give. they said there was a tomato shortage although Whole Foods had them stacked to the ceiling.
    So we paid $6.50 for toast with bacon.

    Since then, I have been giving it negative marks and steering people clear.