Fasten Your Seatbelts; Brownstone Exec Chef Casey Thompson Has Teamed Up with Sam’s Club

In the most out-of-left-field news of the morning, it seems that Top Chef contender, former Shinsei execu-chef, and current execu-chef at Brownstone,  Casey Thomspon (Brownstone), has actually joined forces with Sam’s Club to (as the press release says) “provide restaurant-quality, simply delicious mealtime solutions.”

I could rewrite the release for you here, but it reads best in its original format:

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Sam’s Club and eight all-star executive chefs from across the U.S. have partnered to provide restaurant-quality, simply delicious mealtime solutions. Busy families and all on-the-go Americans will appreciate easy, creative chef-inspired solutions for breakfast, lunch snack and dinner at home as new recipes are unveiled every month from August through January, fashioned by the Sam’s Club Simply Delicious Chef Brigade partnership.
Starting in mid-August, visit and the Sam’s Club Facebook Page to indulge in creative mealtime solutions from a member of the Sam’s Club Simply Delicious Chef Brigade. Gain access to recipes and ingredient shopping tips to add flavorful flare to weekday meals. The Chef Brigade will also provide simple tricks-of-the trade and cooking techniques to easily enhance the home cooking experience.
The star-studded roster of the Sam’s Club Simply Delicious Chef Brigade, who will showcase a variety of cuisines and cooking specialties, includes:
· Molly Hawks(Sacramento, CA)– As Executive Chef of Hawks, Molly Hawks is known for whipping up clean, classic American fare with a focus on fresh, local ingredients.

· Todd Clore (Las Vegas, NV)– Famous for his brunch and lauded for his seafood, executive chef Todd Clore excites the palates of diners at Todd’s Unique Dining.

· Dale Levitski (Chicago, IL)– Executive Chef Dale Levitski brings his Top Chef All Star skills and flavor-infused family favorites to the kitchen of his restaurant, Sprout.

· Jan Kelly (Milwaukee, WI)– Known for integrating fresh seasonal ingredients into her contemporary American cuisine, Executive Chef Jan Kelly inspires diners daily at her restaurant, Meritage.

· Casey Thompson (Dallas, TX)–TV star and Brownstone Executive Chef Casey Thompson incorporates fresh foods and simple twists to create flavorful dishes.

It just sort of drones on from there, but you get the picture.

I leave it to you to comment. Would you buy Casey Thomnpson dishes from Sam’s?


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  • Mr. Undecided

    I visted Brownstone for the first time during the first week of “Restaurant Week” and wasn’t too impressed….. My girlfriend’s scallops were only seared on one side (which meant the middle was perfect, but the other side was almost raw. I ordered the “Crispy Confiet Chicken” (which sounded wonderful, but turned out to just be fried chicken wings)and my Wagu Beef Strip was far from an American version of Kobe beef. To top it all off, the scallops and the Strip were items that included an upcharge on the menu (my total bill for two people after wine pairing was $180) and the air conditioning wasn’t working…. I don’t need to remind you that it’s been 108 degrees outside.

    I’ll give her one more try, but so far the quality of food I recieved is probably fitting of being served at Sam’s Club.

    Mr. Undecided

  • eater

    Casey Rocks.

  • Monica

    It sounds to me like they are not selling Casey Thompnson (sic) dishes from Sam’s, but using media to provide recipies and meal tips for Casey Thompson to help sell Sam’s club food and ingredients…
    Sounds like they think that her knowledge and expertise are a “value add” to home cooks.
    Since we know that Casey lives in California most of the time now, when eating at Brownstone she can really only be credited (or knocked) for the creation of the dish and its flavors, but not the way that it was cooked that night and sent out of the kitchen. Sam’s club is giving us as home cooks the ability to do pretty much what we pay someone (not Casey) to do for us at Brownstone. Nice.

  • Mr. Undecided

    I agree with Monica about it being a smart idea for Sam’s Club to use the expertise of qualified chefs to give tips to the home cook and to help with the design of their new concept.

    However, when you advertise that you are the executive chef for any restaurant, you accept the responsibility of the food being served; whether you are there or not. They are producing dishes with your name on them….. I also know that Casey was there that night (Aug 20) because I saw her talking to some of the customers. Which means if she was there and our food made it through the “pass”, she should have been available to check for the quality she inspires her staff to produce. There are numerous chefs who have multiple restaurants and they’re able to keep the quality of the food at a very high level (ex. Nick Badovinus with Neighborhood Services). Your proximity to your establishment should have nothing to do with it’s outpuut of quality food. If you have to be there for things to function at the standard you set for yourself, then you need to be there so you can focus on it.
    That’s not a knock on Casey…. You just have to determine what’s more important and focus on it first.

    Mr. Undecided

  • cp

    I was thinking the same thing…. nothing in that press release indicates that Sam’s will be selling chef’s pre-prepared food from a chef’s case, or even having these Chef’s do cooking classes, it just looks like a gimmick that you can get “tips” on what kind of tipalia to buy (what Sam’s sells, and how the Sam’s brand of canned olives should be used to prepare, etc., etc., etc.

    So Sarah, looks it doesn’t really matter what anyone thinks about buying Casey Thompson dishes from Sam’s since that’s not an option.

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