Eat This Now: Pork Love at Dough Pizzeria in Dallas

It’s been open for less than 24 hours and this already feels like old news, but allow me to add my two cents.  Unless you have been living under a rock, you don’t need to be told that some place called Dough opened yesterday.  In fact, I’m pretty sure there were some people there last night that do live under rocks, but they still managed to make it.

And in case you haven’t heard them yet, here are two words you better get used to, as I am sure within the next week they will be smattered across every food blog within a 50 mile radius of Dallas:


A pizza with more pig than an episode of Jersey Shore.  The envy of every Pizza Hut “Meat Lovers” this side of the Mississippi.  The usual suspects find their way onto this pie: salami, sausage, pancetta.  But what makes my heart sing is speck.  Speck’s long, arduous journey from pig to plate begins with curing legs of pork in salt and other spices, commonly juniper, pine, nutmeg and coriander.  After this it is smoked slowly for two or three hours a day, a process which can carry on for months. Sliced thin, piled on a blisteringly hot pizza pie. The result is a sweet, salty, and spicy product that few other meats can compete with.

No need to go on about Dough, I suppose.  You’ve read about it, you’ve known it was coming for months, you are probably on your way there now.  Just know that sometimes you should believe the hype.  And at Dough, the pig reigns supreme.


  • Scargo

    Totally agree with you that it is living up to the hype! It’s not just the pizza that’s great, it’s the wine list, hand-made burrata and delicious desserts. Now I get why Food Network highlighted them.

  • Gipson

    Not exactly a diner, drive-in or dive, though. Sometimes that show neglects to mention when those delicious, down-home entrees from the “local favorites” cost twenty bucks.

    Still love the show, though. Food porn at its finest right there.

  • Jon Battle

    Well said @Gipson. I had the Pork Love exactly 24 hours ago..I want it again…now !

  • Rob

    I had the Pork Love to-go for lunch. I was “forced” to try a Margherita pizza fresh out of the oven so that I could taste the difference. While the pizza fresh from the oven was slightly better, the Pork Love travelled well and was even tastier since it had meat on it 🙂

  • Robie

    The center of that pizza looks good but I see a lot of uncovered dough around the edge. Maybe that’s what inspired the name.

  • dallasfoodie

    Had lunch there today….flatbread from the pizza oven…perfect…much like the focaccia at the old Lombardy’s downtown. Oven roasted olives are also a must-have. This place is destined for greatness.
    If you don’t live in the neighborhood, don’t go! We want it to ourselves.

  • Three posts about the same restaurant within days, payola or OCD, you decide?

  • Grumpy, my fault. Miscommunication in assignments.

  • CBS

    went for lunch. Surprised by all the open tables. Huge staff (assume training, but clearly out numbered patrons).

    Food- Burrata- Good but definitely different from ICR and Jimmie’s…not bad but different.

    Pizza- good with meat was the consensus. Firmer crust than ICR (personal preference).

    So Dough or ICR- toss up. Both are excellent….one big caveat-
    Dough’s lunch special was a reasonable “deal”- $10 salad, small pie, drink (toppings $1-3/each).

  • Twinwillow

    Ate lunch here today. Although everything was very good, I found the crust to be thinner and more crispy (sturdier?) than Cane Rosso’ crust. More, “commercial” if you like. I also preferred the overall flavor of Cane Rosso’s pies (less commercial) as well. More like what I ate in Italy.
    And, Dough is definitely more expensive than Cane Rosso. You can probably put that down to the rent they’re paying. The lunch special as described by CBS is indeed, a very good deal. These descriptions are mostly subjective and I’m sure there will be differing opinions. But, these are my opinions based on what I ate today.
    Cane Rosso is still my (personal) favorite. Dough would be a close runner up.

  • ca

    I went last night, wife and I expected a packed house, and thats what we got. Actually, the wait for a table was only about 15-20 minutes at ~7pm, so a very tolerable wait.
    The restaurant is very casual, more casual than i expected. I guess i expected a nicer buildout, and certainly one would probably expect such after looking at the pricing of the food.
    So here we go, on a 5 star system:
    Atmosphere: 1 Star. The Noise level was unbearable. The restaurant is basically a room with a whole bunch of tables, no form of separation between you and anyone else. It was not an enjoyable dining experience. Buildout was very average, and is appropriate for a normal pizza place, but not a ~$15-$20 per 12 inch pizza kind of place. You would expect a little more.
    Menu: 4 Star. Simple, easy to understand.
    Pricing: 2 Star. Yes, its preston hollow but im not sure who will think that $15-$20 on average for a 12 inch thin, basic pizza is reasonable. Pricing for the rest of the menu, (excepting wine which seemed reasonable) was on the high side too. I’d say on average they are pricing 20% too high.
    Service: 3 star. Server was nice, and fairly attentive. It took about 15-20 minutes to get our appetizer, and the pizza came out while we were still eating the appetizer. Desert took about 15 minutes to receive. So slower than ideal, but given it was their opening night, i can understand
    Food: 3.5 star: I give the rollatini and STG margerita 3.5 star (virtually no basil on the pizza), polenta cake desert 4.5 star.
    Overall: I was not blow away by anything here. Will I be back, yeah probably at some point to see if my first impression was flawed, and/or to see if mgr/owner addresses what i see as existing shortcomings.

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  • Thanks Nancy for the explanation.

    I kvetch because I care, or maybe I just like to kvetch.

  • hungry

    Haven’t eaten here yet, but the picture is making me wan’t to soooo badly! Can’t wait!

  • frank

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