Cool Off With Adult Popsicles

Can't imagine how hot it was for the models to walk around in fur-lined hoods in the 100-degree temps. Hope they were given some popsicles.

Last Thursday, The Park and Stanley Korshak held a fashion show in Korshak’s courtyard. Within seconds of getting out of my car, I was a sweaty mess. Yet, none of the beautiful people around me seemed to be having issues with the heat. Why is this? I wondered. Then a server walked by with a tray full of adult popsicles. Being a teetotalling Type 1 diabetic, I could not partake. But my friends who did said they were delicious. I asked the wonderful folks at Stanley Korshak to share their recipe. They were happy to oblige. Follow the jump so you can make your own popsicles for your next party.

(Oh, and in case you’re wondering about the progress of The Park, here you go: The Park’s crossbeams are approximately 85 percent complete. The  final set of box beams will be finished late October. Waterproofing is 60 percent complete. The Jet fan installation is happening now. And trees will be installed this fall.)

Now, jump.

Solerno Blood Orange Margarita Pop
1 oz Solerno
1 oz Milagro
1/3 cup Agave Nectar (to taste)
1 pint of blood orange juice

Makes approximately 10 popsicles

Adult Arnold Palmer
2 oz Snap
1/2 pint fresh lemonade (sweetened)
1/2 pint fresh unsweetened black tea

Makes approximately 10 popsicles


  • DFWFoodie

    Whew, I was there last Thursday, and I was definitely a sweaty mess too! We must have missed each other because I felt the same way about the beautiful people.

    The popsicles were delicious and a great touch!