Company Café Says “No Comment” to Second Location

The Deep Bowl at Company Cafe is delicious.

Late yesterday afternoon Steven “ubiquitous” Doyle sent me a link to a post he wrote about Company Café. He wanted me to link to it. Here’s a clip:

We spoke to Stephen White today, owner of Company Café, the relatively new restaurant on lower Greenville Avenue that brings to its clientele fresh, gluten free food with an organic twist, and he confirmed what we had heard about his new location which has broken ground across from the Katy Trail Ice House at 3136 Routh Street in Uptown Dallas.

I just called the restaurant and they quickly jumped to “no comment” when I asked about the move. The dude on the phone didn’t sound too happy. “No deals finalized. I’m not allowed to comment on this.” Curious. However, I just reached White and he says “it’s months away but we have city approval.” He didn’t sound too happy.


  • DFWFoodie

    I seriously cannot WAIT. I am addicted to the food at Company Cafe but hate making the trek to Lower Greenville (I know, I know…it’s not THAT far). So excited for the Katy Trail location!

  • Just J

    Went on Saturday with high hopes and was grossly disappointed from the food quality to the service. Orders ranged from seared tuna, to burger, to chicken. Everything was overcooked and the tiny “side” of vegetables consisted of broccoli stalks and copious amounts of oil, though I’m sure it was olive variety! Medium burger was beyond well done, and the tuna was fishy. The chicken was dry and the sweet potatoes had a tart undertone. But the quanities were slim picking. The burger was not half a pound as stated(impossible…it was the thickness of a fast food patty), and the portions indicated the management team is out for insanely wide margins. And the service…didn’t have high expectations for a diner type establishment, but being ignored, not asked how things are, and letting drinks hang out on the counter for 5+ minutes before delivering was annoying. The archenemies at Kozy are a step above based on my first experience. Because I love the concept and dedicated to “clean” eating, I will give it a second try.