Chef Matt Melton of Lawry’s, the Prime Rib Teaches Special Needs Kids at Market Street in McKinney

The kids in the special-needs classes taught by chef Matt Melton at Market Street in McKinney.

Dallas is lucky to have so many chefs who dedicate their time to charity events. We are also fortunate to have chefs like Lawry’s Matt Melton. He volunteers time to teach cooking to kids with special needs. Throughout the year, eight different groups bring special-needs students from local middle and high schools to take Melton’s hands-on classes at Market Street in McKinney.  “They create these dishes themselves, so it’s a huge feeling of accomplishment,” Melton said. “I’m no celebrity chef, but when they see me in a uniform, it makes them feel fantastic. And I feel like a rock star.”

Melton, that makes you more than a celebrity chef or a rock star. If you are a chef and would like to participate in this program, call 972-548-5167.


  • Kirk

    Bravo, Chef Melton! I think you’re doing a great thing.

  • TheJean

    What a fabulous thong this young man is doing. Thank you for sharing a feel good story. I haven’t been to Lawrys for years. My husband and I are going soon. God bless you Chef .

  • lk


  • MeatHead

    How beautiful. Thank you Chef for your efforts. Teaching any children much less special needs kids to be self sufficient is a great contribution to your community.

  • Honcho

    Great, great endeavor. I will be going to Lawry’s soon.

  • “Living the Dream”

    Way to Matt! I sure love seeing stories like this. This is what giving back is all about. Those kids feel so special and excited. Thank you again Matt for your wonderful contributions.