Cavalli Pizzeria Commemorates National S’mores Day the Only Way They Know How

The s'more pizza from Cavalli Pizzeria.

I don’t usually start stories this way but…

A photo from our wood-fired pizza dinner in Tuscany (in which the author tries to retain the veil of anonymity).

When some friends and I rented a villa in Tuscany last spring, the rental package included a traditional, wood-fired pizza dinner—cooked from scratch by the caretaker’s wife and sister—and capped off by a dessert pizza at the end. Imagine hand-thrown dough with Nutella, nuts, and granulated sugars—gooey and roasty. (Moment of silence.)

So, imagine my interest piquing when I heard that , in honor of national s’mores day on August 10, Cavalli Pizzeria Napoletana will be selling their large s’mores pizza for half price—a mere $5. Nutella layered with graham crackers and marshmallows—sounds like the next best thing to being back in the villa.