Campo Modern Country Bistro to Open in Oak Cliff

Miguel Vicéns and John Paul Valverde owners of Coevál Studio, a firm that recently designed and built two Mexican restaurants in Fort Worth, is taking over the former La Carreta Argentine space on North Beckley in Oak Cliff. They will rework the space and open it as Campo Modern Country Bistro. This news comes from Steven Doyle of CraveDFW. He sends a hot link and a note:

I interviewed a design group that does restaurants and found out that Matt is their consulting chef and opening soon in Oak Cliff.  This isn’t his main restaurant that will open most likely first quarter 2012, but one he will consult on and have a presence indefinitely.

Matt is Matt McCallister. You know Matt. The execuchef at Stephan Pyles left his high profile gig to “Play” in kitchens around the world. Currently he is popping up in restaurants around town, like Café Momentum. He’s got  a chef’s fantasy job. If you’re not his Facebook friend, you are one uninformed Dallas diner.