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Brews News: Think of The Bottle Shop Like, But With Growlers


In May, World Beer Company founder Clay Hartmann opened the doors on The Bottle Shop in Lower Greenville. The basic premise: create a beer emporium where aspiring hopheads can not only buy, but also consume any of the 500 varieties on premise. You might be thinking: Hey, isn’t that just a bar? The couches and long tables might lead you to think so, but the presence of take-home growlers draws a very important line in the sand. The shop can get away with selling them (where others can’t) because a) they are not brewing onsite and b) by operating under retail license that skirts the whole brewpub/restaurant/TABC/licensing boondoggle.

It appears that everyone’s favorite reason to visit is the presence of Meddlesome Moth alum Stephanie Roethlisberger who’s known for matching beer lovers with their soon-to-be-favorite new beer. She plumbs the depths of your likes and dislikes and presents hopefuls. Kind of like blind dating without the humiliation. In that sense, she’s the beer shadchen of Lower Greenville.

The availability of delivery menus for Mextopia, Greenville Avenue Pizza, Nandina, and others means you’ll never have to mourn the absence of a kitchen.

Growlers are available for $7.99 plus the cost of the beer.