AIWF Launches the Mother of All Caesar Salad Competitions

Emcee Scott Murray Tells The Chefs About The 50LB Anchovy He Landed. Sleeping peacefully in the background (L to R) are David C. Smith, John Tesar, Janice Provost, Brian Luscher, Samir Dhurandhar and Jim Severson. Those with X-Ray vision will be able to see James Neel behind Scott Murray.

Holy Anchovy! The AIWF Caesar Salad Competition may be an annual event in its 20th year but the organizers behind the event have no intention of letting the format get stale. So this year, the organization that brought you the competition that often leads to a winner who wins for an ingredient that is far removed from any ingredient in the traditional Caesar salad is mixing it up. The competitors will all be previous winners of the competition. The winner will a kind of Grand Fromage of Dallas Caesar Salad Competitions.

Of the 19, 12 are still in town and this week the AIWF introduced them at the Westin Galleria Hotel, which is where the competition will be held. Without further delay, the role of honor..

Year     Chef                             Restaurant

1994     Kent Rathbun                Abacus, Jasper’s, Rathbun’s Blue Plate Kitchen

1996     George Brown                George Catering

1997     Jim Severson                 Sevy’s Grill

1998     James Neel                   Tramontana

2000     Samir Dhurandhar          Nick & Sam’s, Nick & Sam’s Grill, Coal Vines

2001     Gilbert Garza                 Suze

2002     Doug Brown                   Beyond the Box , Dish

2003     Brian Luscher                The Grape

2004     David Holben                 Del Frisco’s Double Eagle Steakhouse

2007     Janice Provost               Parigi Restaurant

2008     John Tesar                    The Commissary

2010     David C. Smith               Westin Galleria Dallas.

As emcee Scott Murray reminded the attendees, the aim of the event is to raise funds for AIWF programs to educate children about good nutrition.

The reception was hosted by David C. Smith, Executive Chef of the Westin Galleria, and winner of Caesar Salad Competition XIX.

The event is October 30th, 1pm-5pm (you will be back before the evening Cowboys game). Tickets are available through the AIWF Dallas Chapter web site. Given the talent on duty, this sounds to me like one of the big events of the fall.

This is the prize.