A Must-Eat Guide to Sigel’s DFW Food Truck Festival

This Saturday, August 27, from 6pm to 9pm, Sigel’s will host a  food truck festival at their Greenville Avenue location (just north of Lover’s Lane).  It’s shaping up to be a hot event.  Attending vendors include Gandolfo’s NY Deli, Jack’s Chowhound, Nammi Vietnamese, Ruthie’s Rolling Cafe, 3 Men and a Taco, Enticed Shaved Ice, The Bomb Fried Pies, Trailercakes, and Mr. Cool Ice Cream.  Sigel’s will have a craft beer and wine tasting in the store at the same time. An important note: You can’t go into the store, buy a 6-pack, and consume it onsite.

I’ve put together a guide to help you decide how to plan your taste tour. For this event, I’d recommend going with a 4-player team and share.  While most trucks accept credit cards, I recommend bringing cash–lots of $1s and $5s.  Parking will be tough, so carpool or take DART.  There is a station 1 1/2 blocks away.

Jump for a groovy how-to-sample-without-bloating guide.

Jack's Chowhound

If you bring the whole family, head straight to Jack’s Chowhound.  It’s menu is the closest to being kid- or teen-friendly.  If under age 10, go for the meatball sliders.  For the teens, pulled pork grilled cheese or cheeseburgers.  Add fries and everyone will be happy.

Gandolfo's Rockefeller Reuben

If no kids, start with Gandolfo’s NY Deli.  Get a Rockefeller Reuben and ask them to quarter it to share among your group of 4.  If you eat one of these on your own, well, you might be done for a while.  While you savor the pastrami, walk over to Nammi Vietnamese.  You’ve got a choice here.  The banh mi’s are big, so get them quartered if you have a larger group.  Or get each person can order a taco; they have the same ingredients the banh mi.  Although the rice bowl might normally be a good idea, save it for another day.  It’s a lot packed into one bowl and you’ll embarrass yourself with the mess you’ll make.  At Nammi, you must get the sweet mint basil lemonade.  In 100+ degree temperature on an asphalt parking lot, you will be thankful.

Nammi's Banh Mi

Go inside, cool down, and tour through Sigel’s wine and craft beer samplings.  Sigel’s tells me they must close the store by 9pm, but the trucks will keep on serving until they run out of food.

Venture back outside and visit the newer entrants: Ruthie’s and 3 Men and a Taco.  So far Ruthie’s has only done private parties and festival-style events.  3 Men and a Taco debuted their tacos at Taste of Dallas in July and just started rolling the streets over the last few days.  Ruthie’s is doing grilled cheese sandwiches of all types.  Take your group, split a sandwich and report back. Pair them with a taco or two from 3 Men and a Taco and your entree courses are done.

Let’s move on to the dessert course.  Your options are Enticed Shaved Ice that we profiled earlier this week, Mr. Cool Ice Cream, The Bomb Fried Pies, or Trailercakes.

Start with Enticed first.  Share a regular size for each two of you.  Move on to The Bomb Fried Pies and split one of the fruit fried pies (apple, peach, cherry, or apricot) or jump directly to a fried guacamole pie. Get a couple extra and save for Sunday morning breakfast.  If you are a fan of soft serve ice cream, move on to Mr. Cool.

End your night with Trailercakes.  Get several flavors and either eat them on the way home or  throughout the week.

That’s a total of nine (9) food trucks. The two veterans, Green House Truck and City Street Grille, have been around long enough that they book private events well in advance.  Unfortunately, they were both booked for August 27.  Crazy Sisters was originally scheduled , but could not line up their Dallas permit in time.  Ssahm Korean BBQ is notably absent from the roster, but can often be found parking near a Centennial.

I look forward to either seeing you there or reading your comments!


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  • Debbie

    Sounds like the place to be this Sat. night. I hope Sigel’s wine experts Dave and Ben will be there!

  • Jasper Russo

    David Waddington, Ben Coyle, Jasper Russo ands a host of other Sigel’s Wine Directors will be on hand! See you there.

  • Can’t wait to see David Waddington, my favorite wine guy.

  • Eat My Cohorts

    Nancy, et al….i went by Cane Rosso last night (thrs) and a film crew was there shooting for a tv show. any idea which one?

  • Mishi

    Do u kno if any if these mobile munchie spots offers gluten free? Culd i bring GF bread n get a Sammie that way, or just get the “innerds “? Strange, i kno!

  • Randy Wolken

    My better half is gluten sensitive and we have made her many of my sandwiches on rice bread. We can put our sandwiches on your gluten free bread, but I cannot guarantee that there will not be any cross-contamination from the surfaces in our truck from our bread. We will do our best to accomodate you. 🙂 No reason did you to miss our on thf fun! Randy, Owner of Gandolfo’s NY Deli

  • Randy Wolken

    My better half is gluten sensitive, so I can sympathize with your dilemma. I have made a few of our sandwiches on gluten-free bread for her. If you bring your bread, I will do my best to accommodate you, but I cannot guarantee that there will be no cross-contanimation from our bread on our surfaces in the truck. I am a fan of entertaining our guest’s needs to the best of our abilities. Bring your bread if you like. I know it will not be as good as our normal bread, but something is better than nothing, right? 🙂 Randy Wolken, owner of Gandolfo’s New York Deli Mobile Food Truck

  • Mishi, Gandolfo’s can help you with your own bread. I would bet that Nammi could do the same thing if you take a big baguette. With Nammi, you could also do a rice bowl, which has the same thing has a banh mi.

  • Mishi

    Thank you all so much for your help! I just moved here from NY/NJ area, so I’ve been jonesin for a NYC deli sammie!Randy, GF bread is NEVER the same..its the bane of my existence, lol A Foodie with food allergies n gluten intolerance…the ultimate bad joke! And i just developed them about 3yrs ago!
    I really appreciate your accomodations as well as your honesty/knowledge about cross contamination. That’s been quite a rarity for me:-)
    One other question …do you use any nuts?? Yes, I’ve got nut allergies too,sniff sniff :'(
    Thanx again George n Randy!
    *i wonder if Nammi uses soy sauce or nuts…i assume so…

  • I should add; there is another truck called “Good Karma Kitchen” that is working on “Gourmet Gluten Free Vegetarian Products”. Find them on Facebook. They are not yet rolling though.

  • JHS

    Headed to Greenville after 7p – Current Temp per the car’s outside temp readout 106 degrees

    Found a spot in the soon to be old Border’s Bookstore parking lot and we hiked up Greenville. Jaywalked across Greenville as there we no defined crosswalk and EVERYONE was playing ‘dodge the traffic’

    Every Truck had a line some more than others. No shade for the hungry masses. Asked a guy who just got his paper boat of food how long the wait. He said he thought 20-30 minutes but mentioned the line was much shorter.

    So headed into Siegels to see about the tastings. Lines inside just as long and snaking up and down the store. Watched a girl from TrailerCakes pull a fullsheet tray of cupcakes out from the back cooler. I said to my partner that I don’t think they figured the crowds as they are. We gave up figuring they probably have been going at this since 5p and I’m sure their inventory was about gone.

    We headed over to Shuck n Jive for a beers and appetizer and mentioned that the State Fair is a month away and we definitely get our fill of the ‘fried’ and ‘on a stick’ concoctions.

    Hoping for another Food Truck Festival. Next time we will prepare to get there early!

  • The tv show filming at Cane Rosso was America’s Best Bites. It’s a syndicated show on WGN…it will be on here in Dallas on Ch. 33 I think October 1. Sorry no Guy Fieri.

  • Randy Wolken

    Mishi, we do not use any nuts or nut butter in our preparations. I did not hear that you came by last night, so give us a shot at lunch or dinner this week!

  • Mishi, our truck will be 100% gluten free and will be rolling in mid-October in Fort Worth (we’ll also be permitted in Dallas). You can catch us on facebook or on twitter @karmakitchendfw.

    Thanks for the mention!

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