2011 KRLD Restaurant Week

Comments are open. Operators are standing by. So far NOBODY has taken a picture of a fabulous server. Shame on you. I repeat: GO, EAT, REPORT! Take pictures of great servers!


  • Kelly

    Tei An last night was amazing! Had a wonderful server and the food was fresh and perfect.

  • amateur

    Abacus was outstanding last night…. like they are every year.
    No picture of him, but Ken was a wonderful server!

  • bob s

    Just wanted to give you my personal first time experience at Five Sixty on August 18.

    I went to restaurant week with the family. There were 3 adults and one child.

    We made reservations and still had to wait an extra 20 min. for our table.
    The hostess at the lower floor was very nice and friendly and inform us that it would be 10-15 min. wait for our table.

    I could imagine the view being outstanding at this place. However, it depends where they seat you. We were lucky to get a window seat. However, we were only look at the dart and TRE rails.

    Our server was VERY VERY VERY VERY BAD. We only saw him three times during our 2 hour dining experience. The first time was to take our drink order. The second time was to take our food order. The third time was to give us our bill.

    I also requested the wine pairing experience for an 35 dollars per person. It wasn’t much of an experience. There were pieces of cork in my glass of wine. Also, the wine came before the food. So I really wasn’t pairing the wine to anything. The wine was average but it wasn’t amazing.

    The food tasted okay. Since, I’m Asian and been in the restaurant business for 30 years, I have very high expectations for my food. Especially, high end food like Five Sixty.

    We had 3 of the 4 starters allowed for our meal. The Korean short rib was well seasoned and tender. The Chinese pork rib had a sweet glazed but not very fragrant. It was overcooked either in an oven or crackpot where you only tasted the glaze and the meat. The lobster and shrimp spring roll was filled with more shrimp than lobster and it tasted like something you can get cheaply at a Chinese dim sum restaurant.

    We had 2 of the 4 entrees. The flat iron steaks were cooked perfectly as medium rare. We had the sauce on the side which was perfect for dipping.

    The lamb was a bit tough due but very flavorful and well prepared.

    No complaints by anyone at the table.

    We also added the whole fried sea bass. I was surprised that It was a good size fish around 2lbs. We paid 47 dollars for this item.

    The presentation was excellent. It was very similar to something that you would find in a high end restaurant in HK. The fish was crispy but I could taste a hint of a burnt fish. It was seasoned with salt and pepper.

    The sauce on the side wasn’t very good. It was a mixture of soy, rice vinegar, and sesame oil flavors. We requested the chili sauce on the side which help with the flavor of the fish. If you like spicy, I would recommend asking for the chili sauce.

    We had the Chocolate salted caramel tart. Very good stuff.

    We also ordered the Classic Vanilla Cheesecake, Strawberry-Rhubarb Compote. It was very boring. Cheesecake Factory has better stuff then this. I would skip it next time.

    Finally, we had the Roasted pineapple rugalach, vanilla crème fraiche. The crust was heavy with butter. If you like pineapple in butter crust then this is for you. I found it boring.

    The valet will cost you $5 if you dine at five sixty. Apparently, Reunion tower was doing some work and decided to drop some kind of liquid and lots of dust to the cars that were parked by the valet service. With already the bad restaurant service, this really made the evening worse.

    The valet people just told me to take pictures and take talk to the restaurant manager. I’m thinking….WHY THE HELL DID YOU PARK MY BLACK MERCEDES UNDER CONSTRUCTION WORK.


    With all the hoopla about Wolfgang Puck and his godly abilities to cook food, I was not impressed based on the price i pay. The service was equal to something I could get at CiCi’s pizza or McDonald’s. Actually, I’ve had better service at both of these places listed.

    Maybe i should have spend 500 dollars instead of 300 dollars to get better service.

    I complained to the hostess after my meal. She said that the same server had also gotten complaints by other customers. She also took down my number so the manager could call me back about the valet parking incident.

    if I had to impress some important people, would i bring them here. NO! There are too many fine dining restaurants in the Dallas Metroplex for me to take them too.

    I give them 3 stars because the bussboy and the hostess is what I liked about my evening. Only they were attentive and meticulous with their craft. The food was average and the service was VERY VERY VERY BAD.
    If you want to spend $300 for dinner for a party of 4 and get pissed off by bad service and Valet parking. This place is for you.

    Like I said before, I’m picky and biased because I have been in the restaurant business for a long time. I know there are no perfect restaurant service and I take in the fact that they were busy due to restaurant week. However, if you charge this much for your food. Either train them better or get better servers.

  • K2

    Went to Stephan Pyles hopeful last night, after reading some pretty poor reviews this week of the service and menu selection. Overall, it was a great dining experience. We did have to wait an additional 20 minutes to our reservation time, and the meal itself took 2+ hours, on delivery of each course. Not every table was full, either, so I am not sure what held seating and the kitchen back. Overlooking this, the meal and our server, Eric, were both wonderful. I had the arugala salad, with baked goat cheese on a honeycomb and melon, and it was superb. Others at my table had the coconut sweet corn soup with crab, and they raved about it. My chicken served over creamy mashed potatoes was delicious; very juicy and full of flavor. For dessert, I had the butterscotch panna cotta served with a chocolate crusted tart, and it was divine! Perfect ending to the meal. My only menu critique would be the 4th course offering- ceviche and gazpacho. While good, it was not great, and the serving size did not allow for other diners at my table to try. I’d encourage others to bypass unless you are bringing in your CM certificate- don’t purchase outright as I did. Otherwise, great meal; nice portion sizes, nice wine pairings and gracious service, as you’d expect, from SP.


  • Stacy L.

    Fearing’s was fanfreakingtastic! My husband and I had written off RW a few years ago due to chronically bad service, but I am so happy we went this year.

    Our main server was Martin, as the staff did appear to be in some odd hyperdrive mode where they got food out as fast as they could to whatever table needed it. A little tag-teamish for me, but it was RW so I assumed they were trying to increase turnover. Martin was great…interestingly, he was also our server when we were there three years ago for lunch around the holidays. A good coincidence as when we go back next time, we’ll ask for him.

    What I enjoyed about Fearing’s take on RW was how they added an extra page of “supplements” that you could substitute for the starters or entrees on the RW menu. My husband swapped his scheduled appy for the oysters and OMFG, they were fantastic…a great southwestern take on Oysters Rockefeller. I could’ve eaten those alone for three courses and been happy. I had the carnitas tacos, which were also sublime. Wonderful tortillas.

    My husband had the trout and I had the tenderloin, and that was where Fearing’s really impressed me. Usually at busy times (ahemChamberlainsahem), my steaks have a tendency to come out overcooked. Not this time – perfectly medium rare.

    The dessert course was wonderful, but my French press coffee was so hot I had to wait a good five minutes to drink it. That’s my only complaint…and it wouldn’t really be a complaint had it not been a $6 cup of coffee.

    We didn’t have wine, but did enjoy a couple Dean’s Margaritas and Dean’s French Fizzes. Both great, as always.

    We’ll definitely go back. We’re headed to Rick’s Chophouse tomorrow night. Their RW menu actually interested me more than that of Fearing’s, so hopefully I’m not building myself up for disappointment!

  • Eugene

    We had a wonderful experience at Canary By Gorji. Everything was great not just the food but the service, too. I had the optional fourth course which were these outstanding veal ribs. Never had them before, but certainly wlll again. I’m not always a vegetable fan, but Chef Gorji’s way with grilling them have made me a convert.

  • logan

    Bob s…was your vehicle damaged at all or did it just have some liquid and dust on it? Unless it was actually scratched or dented and needs a touch up job, what do you want them to do?

  • Thanks to all of you for your detailed reports. Great stuff. However, Bob S, I am concerned about the valet situation at Five Sixty. Did you notify them. That is inexcusable.

  • B

    Steve and Steve took fantastic care of us last night at Abacus. Tried to take a picture, but couldn’t get them in the room at the same time b/c the place was slammed. Loved it!

  • T

    Went to Salum the other night. Reservations was for 2 people at 7pm. Got the table right at 7. Sever comes overs right when we sat down and asks if we want something to drink and if we knew what we wanted. Got the drink, then bread, came the appitizer, quickly came the main course, quickly came the dessert, quickly came the check and we were back in our car at 8pm. It was one of the fastest meals I have ever had. Felt so rushed! One hour at a resturant? Man!

  • Jim

    I’ll do a two-fer:

    Wed. night I went to Pappas Bros. Had never been, and was truly revved up for what I heard was possibly the best steak in Dallas. Easy booking, seated promptly. On checking the menu, however, I was surprised; an earlier poster said they had ordered a ribeye. Only a filet or NY Strip are offered, in addition to several other entrees.

    Your CM certificate gets you a cup of their lobster bisque as a fourth course. Very good (still like Daddy Jacks a hair better), with the sherry front and center and a nice little kick to each sip. I liked it, but those who don’t prefer a little sizzle to their bisque, be alerted..it will make you thirsty.

    Caesar salad was top notch. All thoughts of a steak were vanquished, though, when I spotted live Maine lobster on the menu. I was informed they were approx. 1.5 lbs. The lobster glutton in me won out and was rewarded with what I felt was closer to 2 lbs. of perfectly steamed, pre-split lobster. It was sensational. I can’t help but feel this entree would have been at least the cost of the entire RW meal on an ordinary night. The chocolate/peanut butter cake was matched only in calories by the quality of its taste. It came at the same time as the coffee, which was so hot I needed to wait 10 minutes to be able to drink it. I acknowledge this is nitpicking, though; overall, a great meal and value.

    Service was excellent, except for one thing: please, please, please ASK me if I would like more tea before topping me off. I know this makes me anal, but I mix my tea just perfect when its full. I know the servers want to be helpful, but kindly ask before zooming in over my shoulder and refilling.

    Thursday night at St. Martins. Valet parking, easy reservations to make. Got there at 7pm, place was about a third full. Your CM certificate rewards you well. I received Jumbo Shrimp in a champagne dijon, which was enough to share. The sauce was great with the heavenly hot bread that was served.

    Continuing with that them, I ordered the escargot and continued dipping the bread in the intensely garlicly pool in which the snails came. My companions were very pleased with their crab cake appetizer, which had little filler and a solid portion of crab.

    I ordered the duck with apricots and black currants, as did one of my dining companions. We both were stunned by the same thing; yeah, it tasted great, but it was so masterfully fileted, we never encountered a bone, except for the drumstick and thigh. Usually, this is a problem with duck, but not tonight.

    Dessert of creme brulee was fine, but the chocolate terrine that someone else at the table ordered was truly stellar (might be the best dessert I’ve sampled all week). Nice quiet atmosphere, and a good respite from some of the huge, noisy RW crowds.

  • tejasmom

    Had a lovely dinner at Fearings last night. We had 6 people and didn’t have to wait at all, because we went early. We enjoyed the food very much. The pulled-pork taco was better than the tamale, which was too thick. The watermelon gazpacho was very interesting,considering I’m not a big fan of watermelon. The tenderloin entree was fabulous, the trout good but not out of this world. We had wonderful, attentive service, including a birthday treat for my son, because they overheard us talking about his birthday. It was crowded and someone told my husband they were expecting over 400 people! I would recommend and want to try the regular menu.

  • Cairo

    bob s:

    “Since, I’m Asian and been in the restaurant business for 30 years, I have very high expectations for my food.”

    Since when does being Asian give you higher expectations? Do Asians have elevated tastes that the rest of the world is unaware of?

  • Emily

    Slow down there Cairo. It’s because they serve Asian food! Im sure you would consider yourself the expert at an Egyptian restaurant.