2011 KRLD Restaurant Week: Server of the Week Winner!

Matt DeMoss of The Grape is our pick for Server of the Week. Photo by Margie Hubbard.

The first week KRLD Restaurant is over and I have to say I’m a little disappointed in you guys. I loved reading all of your reviews of your meals but most of you neglected to mention your server by name. Much less take a picture of them and submit said server for our unofficial “Server of the Week” contest. However, Disher Margie Hubbard didn’t fail. She sends this photo of Matt along with a comment:  “Our server, Matt DeMoss, at The Grape was excellent!  Well spoken, poised. There when you need him and not overly attentive.  Just right!  Our meal was fabulous and so was he. Cute, too!”

See, that wasn’t so hard. Shout outs go to Abacus servers Steve and Steve (submitted by B), Candace at Hibiscus (submitted by Linda 12), and Ken at Abacus (submitted by Amateur).

There are still openings for restaurants participating in the extended version of KRLD Restaurant Week. Check them out here. Don’t be shy. Take your camera. These servers are working their butts off.


  • Rebross

    Eric was our waiter at Nick & Sam’s on Saturday night. Everything was perfect! I have a picture of him, but am unable to upload.

  • KNoel

    Matt at The Grape IS a great server–and he’s adorable. Way to go, SideDish! 🙂

  • “Living the Dream”

    Way to go Matt! I wonder if he is single! He sure has a “perdy smile!”

    Your secret admirer!

  • kidzmd

    Martin at Fearings was amazing. He made us feel so special and was on top of everything. The food was great as well. Ask for him if you want to be treated like royalty.

    Amber at Charlie Palmer at the Joule was so good last year that we asked for her again this year. We had a great meal and wonderful service once again. Enam, the maitre’d, sent some complimentary tarts home with us for our friend’s husband who had to miss the meal.

  • slade

    Yo go Margie! My server at Pappa Bros was great too…too bad I had a little too much in the bar after dinner and have now forgotten his name. wonder if it is on my receipt?