• Katy T

    Dee Lincoln’s — Do NOT miss the Central Market course. Win twice and shop to get the certificate and then get the 4th course free. This course was our table’s favorite. The “Nudies” are their take on Gnocchi. The garlic was flavorful and not overpowering. The tempura spring rolls were crispy and delicious. We tried all main courses with nary a miss. I was really looking forward to the special drink for preview weekend, but I wasn’t crazy about theirs. Too much cucumber water. And if that was our only complaint, you know the food was GREAT!

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  • pgwiz1

    Charlie Palmer – First a shout out to our server Lori. She was super nice, and went back to the kitchen to get me all my answers. Don’t miss the passionfruit blueberry tart if they have it! The salmon was quite good, and I’d vote to get it over the steak. The wine pairing was also done very well. Overall a good dinner, and looking forward to going there on a non-RW night.

  • Frank wright

    Did anybody else get told that the sponsored cocktails were mandatory? We ate at III Forks and were told that the preview weekend price was $42 but included a $7 drink for each person. Including the minors and non-drinkers. Hmmmm.