2011 KRLD Restaurant Week Reader Reviews

Operators were late to work but they are here now and waiting for your opinions.TYPE HARD. GO, EAT, REPORT! Take pictures of great servers!


  • Stacy L.

    We went to Rick’s Chophouse last night, and I think we were the only folks there eating off the Restaurant Week menu. I got the mushroom soup and my husband got the tenderloin appetizer…both were very good. For some reason I was expecting a cream soup, but it was more of a beef/mushroom broth with loads of mushrooms. My husband’s appetizer came with fried okra which was – pleasantly – not slimy! Tenderloin was cooked perfectly.

    We both got the yellowtail “filet mignon” entree, which came with smashed red potatoes and baby carrots and an avocado buerre blanc. The yellowtail was incredible – quite possibly the best fish I’ve ever had. It was cooked to a perfect medium, well-seasoned. This is high praise for me as I am really, really picky about fish. Unfortunately, the potatoes weren’t quite cooked enough, and the baby carrots weren’t really cooked at all – needed a knife and fork and a good amount of weight to cut them. The avocado buerre blanc was actually buerre blanc sauce with diced avocado.

    The desserts were the low point of the meal. I got what was billed as a summer berry cobbler with ice cream, but it was a berry puree with what was once a huge biscuit piled on top – all biscuit, tragically little berries. Even worse, it was served cold and the “cobbler” was rock-hard. Yuck! The ice cream was good, though. My husband got the chocolate banana tart and it was underwhelming both in taste and presentation. We ate a little and then called it a night.

    While the food was good, the service was pretty bad. I hate to say it, but we did get a different level of treatment from our server than did the tables around us, who did not order off the RW menu. He joked with them and interacted, and we got the absolute bare minimum of attention. We were definitely an afterthought, as our courses came out significantly more slowly and he flat-out forgot simple things like my request for a club soda after I’d finished my cocktail. I would hope this was just our bad luck – in a dining room full of servers, we usually get the one dud.

    So, food was passable…service was forgettable. We live in Allen, and I’d rather drive down to Dallas if I’m in a steakhouse mood.

  • Brownstone Newest Fan

    Did Brownstone in Fort Worth. Great service– waiter explained purpose of RW week praising it as a charitable opportunity. They only served RW menu. Brownstone is southern inspired… for example, cheese grits with salmon. Everything we tried was terrific…and we will certainly return for a full menu visit.

    This is a fun area of Fort Worth, even with the heat a lot of outdoor activity and fun people watching.

  • Kyle Wedin

    Dallas Fish Market

    (My initial review of Stephan Pyles led to some lively discussion – I hope this one fares better. FYI, the manager at Stephan Pyles reached out to me, and asked us to give their RW menu a second chance. Will report back after our return visit.)

    Went on our first visit to Dallas Fish Market in downtown. We had a very pleasant experience. Service was very good. We were initially served regular menus, but when we asked for restaurant week menus they were brought promptly and we were still treated very well. I don’t know if everyone got this attention, but the manager came by multiple times to ensure our happiness, gave us coupons for return visits, and generally seemed to take the opportunity to promote their restaurant.

    The food was good, better than expected from other reviews. Started with an amuse of oyster with ginger and caviar, which even my oyster-hating girlfriend appreciated for its extra zing. This described a lot of their seafood dishes, and might be why they got poorer reviews from purist diners. The main course of crispy Louisiana redfish with Thai sweet chili sauce was very tasty and enjoyable to eat. But it did not really let the fish shine the way you might expect from a top-notch seafood restaurant. The flavor overpowered the redfish and almost any fish could have replaced it. However, the taste was quite good and I would eat it again. It depends on what you’re looking for. Also tried the striped bass with poblano crawfish cream sauce, which was good but didn’t have the same sparkle. The crab cake and tempura shrimp starters were also pleasant, with nice flavor. The 4th course spicy hamachi roll was one of the better rolls I’ve had in a while. We did lust after our tablemates’ seared diver scallops in a Panang curry. We didn’t order it because we love Thai food and wouldn’t expect a non-Thai restaurant to be able to deliver the flavor, but it looked good and our fellow diners enjoyed it.

    Overall, a good experience. Very welcoming service, enjoyable food although perhaps not as pleasing to seafood purists. We’ll be going back for full price dinner.

  • Thanks, Kyle. good report.

  • Jon Battle

    Went to Jasper’s in Plano tonight. Jasper’s has the broadest menu of all the restaurants in this year’s list – almost full menu. Go here for foodie pix


    Service perfect efficient and friendly, food quality..sublime. I’ve never had anything but a wonderful dining experience at any Kent Rathbun’s restaurants.

  • Traci Crouch

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  • Traci Crouch

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  • Jon Battle

    To add my Jasper’s review. They ONLY offered a restaurant week menu..very wise as there were no how we were treated issues. Th manager came to our table for chit chat and was overly appreciative that we were there. Nice touch that only added to a great experience