• marisa

    We decided this year to eat at only locations that are our favs during the year. We have found in the past that some restaurants treat the RW diners poorly. I have always contended, if you can’t put your best foot forward then don’t participate. It used to be a way of trying new places. No longer. With that said….

    Hibiscus as always was a huge hit.The food and service both three stars.

    Cadot is THE best French restaurant in town.
    It is a little off the beaten path in far north Dallas but worth the trip. They never disappoint.

    Eddie V’s. We did not like the RW menu and ordered off the menu. Food and service were OK. Not their best .

  • Ian

    Nonna frost time, great time. Portions were tiny but delicious. Lived up to the hype. Can’t wait to try the main menu.

  • kat

    Nonna: chef/owner was so friendly and inviting, sent us an extra course. Will def be back outside of RW.
    Abacus: 10 dollars extra for the filet is worth it. Good menu.
    Capital Grill: Great service in the bar. Amazing value on the RW steaks. delish.

  • Jane

    Ate at Ocean Prime on Friday night. Bar was packed! Crab soup, Niman filet, sorbet were all delicious. I did get ticked when they came to pull my soup bowl because my husband was finished was his (I wasn’t), then tried to pull my filet when I was still eating. There seemed to be a stopwatch on my table and they needed to turn it in a hurry! Great dinner, but could have skipped the speed eating portion.

  • Txbutter

    We tried Ruth’s Chris because I’d never been. My husband has eaten at other locations and raved about the steaks. The North Dallas location was a disappointment. Bar is weird and small with very poor service. In the dining room, my chair was continually bumped by other servers and bussers and the space between the tables was NOT tight. The steak was great; salad, crab cakes, creamed spinach and lyonaise potatoes were all subpar.

  • CTaylor

    We were at Jasper’s on Friday. Friday, not a good night for RW – right? Wrong…

    Our server, Brian, went above and beyond for us on several levels. We brought our foodie-in-training 8-year-old son and our server got him an a la carte dish of his favorite food (or what was his favorite food until…) – pan-seared salmon. My son’s eyes literally widened at the salmon and “fries” presentation.

    The food was more than wonderful. Every course perfectly timed. The wine suggestions were well-received by some friends of ours from Austin who were “first timers” and the two ports recommended for the end had them talking the rest of the night.

    We all started with something different. I can honestly say that the mustard-braised crispy pork…I had doubts about it…but I ordered it anyway. And I was not disappointed. Truly delectable. Others in our party ordered the Lemonfish (Cobia) and Chips and the Crabcakes…they were all pleased.

    Three of our party upgraded and ordered the filet. With the red wine butter sauce TRULY the most buttery, mouth-watering filet I’ve had…ever…and now, sadly, my 8-year-old’s favorite food. (He’s not going to be a cheap date…ever!)

    For dessert, they accommodated my son’s “purist” tendencies by presenting him a bowl of plain ice cream. For the rest of us, we enjoyed the butterfinger creme brulee (in my mind…the best dessert EVER), the cherry limeade pie and the chocolate torte.

    Jasper’s was definitely a winner, but the excellent service and attention made it even better.