2011 KRLD Restaurant Week Reader Reviews

Okay Dishers, 2011 KRLD Restaurant Week is open for business. Each day at 9AM we will be ready and waiting for your comments! GO, EAT, REPORT! Take pictures of great servers!


  • Rob

    Great service and great meal at Suze:

    Had the Mango Salad which was fresh and summery, Striped Bass with Tassione’s Chard and Himalayan Rice and Chocolate Gob with Ice Cream for dessert

  • Linda12

    A friend and I had dinner at Hibiscus last night. It was FANTASTIC!!! The hostesses made us feel like we were so important and welcome. It only continued once we sat down. Our server, Candace, was very informative and friendly without being annoying.
    The first course, side and dessert are served family style. At first glance we were afraid that this was a cheap way to save money, but after ordering and eating, it was more than enough food. The crab dip, filet, mac and Ice Box Pie are out of this world!!!

    I wish I could eat there every day!!! I will absolutely be back!

  • Sarah

    Last Night we went to Central 214:
    The service and food was great until dessert.
    I ordered the strawberry shortcake and the cake was hard as a rock. Everything else me and my group ordered off the restaurant week menu was delicious, but I would not order that dessert again.

    I would/will go back to Central 214 as it was a great time!

  • sgal

    Had the same as Rob on Tuesday night @ Suze — excellent light & summary meal, and although I was tempted by the Fideos on the regular menu, after trying my friend’s Fideos, I was glad I ordered the RW menu

  • DesignBoy

    We went to Fearings last night. It’s a restaurant we go to every year for RW as well as for full price nights out. Sure, the RW menu was Dean’s greatest hits. But the food is always great (loved the short ribs and scallops) and the service is some of the best in Dallas. They treat you like a valued guest regardless of the size of your tab. Good job, Dean.

  • TinaH

    Dallas Chop House, Wed. Reservation was for 7:45, we weren’t seated until 9:00. The food was good, I ordered the crab cakes as the appetizer and had the spinach salad with goat cheese and mushroom vinegrette. For my main course, I had the Angus filet, ordered and served medium rare. My girlfriend order the same but was not so lucky, her steak arrived medium well. The proportions of the food were good, not too small. Just the pace of when the food arrived was not well organized.
    The service was slow, they never asked us if we needed anything. We finished the main course at 10:30pm and we all decided to get our deserts to go. It being a “school night” and all, we felt we needed to end the evening at that point. I selected the Marquis Chocolate with ganache for my desert and it was incredible, I ate it with my coffee this morning.

  • Jill

    We had a great time at Craft. They were overly generous with the food, and I loved that everything was served family style, which meant we got to try 3 appetizers, 4 entrees, 4 sides and 2 desserts…SO much food!
    The service was awesome also, every server (food runner) that came by the table was so knowledgable and gracious.
    Thank you Craft. We will be back soon.

  • K2

    Fearings was delish as always! Watermelon gazpacho & bbq sweet corn tamales as starters, the filet in pesto over black beans(with a well-priced, tasty malbec) and a dessert trio perfectly sized. Largest crowd I’ve seen all week as well. Loved the offerings off the RW menu, to give first-timers a look (or taste) of the norm.

  • Stacy L.

    Happy to hear good reviews of Fearing’s. We’re going there tonight.

  • Kris

    Eddie V’s was perfection! Arrived a tad early at just after 7 for a 7:15 reservation but we were seating right away. Service was excellent as was the food. Mussels for appetizers in a yummy broth with toasted garlic bread, cod for my main course (tried both the salmon and swordfish too and all three were cooked beautifully and tasted incredible) and vanilla creme brulee for dessert. I was surprised to find good priced bottles of wine as well ($32 bottle of chardonnay isn’t bad). Had a wonderful experience and will definitely be back!

  • TinaH

    Abacus, Saturday , Reservation 8:00 pm, we were arrived early and were seated shortly after we arrived. Our server was friendly and efficient; he quickly explained how Abacus runs their restaurant week. We ordered the Lobster shooters, which Abacus is known for, and we were not disappointed. A chunk of deep fried lobster in a sake glass, then hot sake mixed with curry and other spices is poured over. It was the perfect bite and worth the 20.00 price. The “small plates” were next, buffalo and shrimp potstickers for me and of the two I preferred the buffalo potsticker but both were seasoned and cooked well. My husband had the softshell crab and the fry was salty but went well with the tomatoes it was placed on. Main course was filet of beef, almost looked black with a perfect pink center and roasted pork belly on top of fried leeks, again the fry was salty but it paired well with the pork belly. Desert was a trio of butter cake pie, chocolate cake, and peach shortcake, and all were good but the butter cake was my favorite. When we made the reservation, we were told you have 1 hour and half to eat. I was concerned we would be rushed, but the pace was great, the food was great and I’m looking forward to returning to Abacus.