2011 KRLD Restaurant Week Reader Reviews

Okay Dishers, 2011 KRLD Restaurant Week is open for business. Each day at 9AM we will be ready and waiting for your comments! GO, EAT, REPORT! Take pictures of great servers!


  • K2

    First time visit to Perry’s was wonderful. The service was top notch, wine selection was well-presented and explained, and the menu was what you hope to see at RW- chef favorite items off the regular menu to lure you back again. The coffee crusted filet with blueberry chipotle sauce may be the best steak I’ve eaten in Dallas; grilled perfectly to my request. If you’re visiting this week, make sure someone in your party orders the tenderloin.

    Banana rolls with vanilla bean Talenti (!!!) were a perfect end to the meal. I appreciated Karrie Henderson, Perry’s manager, spending time with us at our table for a review of our meal. She bent over backwards to make sure our experience was the best it could be. This RW experience did just what it should do for a first time diner- have me scanning my planner for a free evening to return again.

  • JHS

    So the graphic says ‘2009’ – Do we need to dig back into the archives….

  • Hah! Funny. Sorry about that.