Would You Attend A Crayfish Party At IKEA?

Kräftskiva, the IKEA crayfish (crawfish) party, is coming on August 19 (image courtesy of IKEA)

I know, I know, it’s a slow news day (and I’m feeling lethargic after lunch), but I thought I’d throw this debate out there anyway:

IKEA is having their annual Kräftskiva (or all-you-can-eat Swedish crayfish party) on August 19. $9.99 for adults/$2.49 for kids under 12.

My question: Is this something you’d attend?

Before you jump to answer, here are some points to consider:

jump to avoid the work that you really should be doing…

I. The Menu – clearly not limited to crayfish

  • tossed green salad
  • cucumber salad
  • hard-boiled eggs with mayo & shrimp
  • shell-on prawns with cocktail sauce
  • Najad salmon with horseradish sauce or mustard sauce
  • Crayfish
  • breads & cheeses
  • meatballs w/lingonberries
  • mashed potatoes
  • boiled new potatoes
  • desserts & beverages

II. It’s on a Friday

III. The place will be a zoo

IV. The drive to Frisco

V. Opportunity to pick up a gross of white curtains

VI. Distance from the ocean

VII. Value for the dollar

VIII. No liquor

IX. Someone else doing the cooking

X. The woman in the picture is probably not the one who will be serving you.

XI. Lingering smell

XII. Novelty factor



  • Mary Burford

    tell us how you really feel, sarah? haha. i will not be attending.

    • Look again; I included positives and negatives. Menu? a positive. Value for the money? a positive. White curtains? IKEA curtains are all I use. See, fair and balanced.

  • i will not be attending…because live crawfish season is over. where are they getting them?

    (and yes i realize i predicted it would last till mid august or even labor day. my sources were as disappointed as i was)

  • aria

    Ditto jonfromtjs – isn’t crawfish season over?

  • Wes Mantooth

    What the hell is a “crayfish”? Cousin Boudreaux would not be amused…

  • TLS

    Well, if it is annual and no one has died yet and IKEA continues to do this thing annually so it must be successful why not go? That said, I’m not going.

  • Liz Landry

    @jonfromtjs They aren’t live, they are frozen. They also sell them in Sam’s Club size.

  • dutch

    to everyone who is saying crawfish season is over, that isn’t true this year. normally crawfish season ends b/c the fishermen have harvested all the ‘bugs’ in the ideal depth of i believe 3-5′ of water. because of the flooding in the delta this year, water levels were higher later into the year, so still pulling big crawfish out of the water b/c the levels are receeding at lower levels than normal.

  • Al

    A CRAYFISH is different to a crawfish – larger, similar to a lobster but has tentacles and not claws…

  • EMark

    Crawfish, or Crayfish?
    There are heated arguments about which is the correct name. The name crawfish was used in 1817 by Thomas Say, the first American zoologist to study these animals.
    Crayfish was coined by the English scientist, Thomas Huxley, about 50 years later. In this part of the country they are also commonly called “crawdad”, “crabs” or, in the southern part of the state, “Mudbugs”