Will Addisonians Flip Out Over Made-To-Order Crepes From a Drive-Thru? Watch the Video and Decide For Yourself

In case you missed the Flippin’ Out Crepes teaser a few weeks back, back in June, we had a nice little daisy chain going on with Nancy reporting on Teresa Gubbins coverage of the press-release announcement of Flippin’ Out Crepes drive-thru creperie in Addison (for the record, Teresa Gubbins reported the story in May and added the press release when they issued it in June).

This morning I stumbled upon a Thrillist video (thanks, guys) giving us a visual.

Sounds like a trip through a drive-thru is in order, pronto.


  • Martin

    Their Tyson Chandler (chicken, spinach, cheese/bacon sauce)is awesome!
    And their drinks are really good, too.

  • @Martin: Tell us about the drinks.

  • Martin

    I tried a Granita, which are a little like Starbucks’ frappucinos. You can add some flavor shots to it (I added vanilla). I usually don’t drink coffee, but this was really tasty.

    My son had their frozen lemonade and it was just the right balance between tart and sweet.