Somebody Help This Poor Girl: Pregnant and Hungry

I can’t even imagine what it is like to be pregnant in Dallas during July. However, there is one loyal Disher who is just that. She writes:

I am in need of a restaurant recommendation.  My husband is vegetarian, I am not, and I was hoping you or your readers could suggest a restaurant that has a great vegetarian dish for his birthday dinner.  The catch?  I’m pregnant, and loathe Indian/Asian food at the moment.  Thanks for any suggestions you can send!

“The catch?” That’s good. Help her.


  • bowie

    Go have the vegetarian tasting menu at Nana.

  • Joy Huitt

    I recommend The Cosmic Cafe. I’m not a vegetarian but I enjoy this restaurant.

  • Not sure how fancy you want to go, but we have several vegetarian items on our menu! A brand new one is the Veggie Zinfandel Pasta:
    Portobello Mushrooms, Sundried Tomatoes, Red Bell Peppers, Spinach and Onions lightly tossed with Rigatoni Pasta and Low Fat Zinfandel Vinaigrette and topped with Feta Cheese, served with Homemade Garlic Toast $8.99

    You can peruse our menu online

  • MCC

    Go to Texas de Brazil and just get the salad bar portion of the experience.

  • Will

    Another vote for Cosmic Cafe from a non-vegetarian!

  • Cyndi

    Anvil Pub! They’re vegetarian friendly, without being “vegetarian.” I’m in the same boat with my partner (except the preggo part,) and Anvil works beautifully. Great drink selections as well.

  • HB

    Maybe something Italian?

  • Marcus cafe has an amazing portobella roasted vegetable stack. AMAZING. and such a great restaurant ambiance etc.

  • Annieviv

    Spiral Diner is quite delicious.

  • You have to go to Samar by Stephan Pyles. Their food is fantastic (Chef Jon Thompson super cool) and service is first class (they know that menu inside and out). Their vegetarian selections are delicious and there are plenty of great things on the menu for the lady – Spanish, Middle Eastern…
    I love this place and have friends that don’t do Indian either and they love it, too. I’m jus’ sayin’…

  • Katie

    I recommend cafe Izmir on lower Greenville or Zizikis in Travis Walk.

  • Watels! They have a number of vegetarian options and are happy and willing to amaze his tastebuds with wonderful vegetarian options while still taking care to make sure you enjoy other things. It’s a great romantic fun birthday celebration spot. Give them a call!

  • Amy

    Thanks so much everyone!

  • Barbecue guru Daniel Vaughn’s wife had her baby shortly after dining at Sevy’s Grill, I’m just saying. Many vegetarian choices.

  • allison

    Ravioli Funghi at Mi Piaci in Addison… reallly good 🙂

  • Have a birthday brunch at SMOKE. The veg options there are KILLER. He can get the apricot blueberry pancakes and you can get the brisket hash.

  • veggie mom

    The Bavarian Grill has a vegetarian menu – you have to ask for it, but it was an awesome discovery.

  • Rita

    I’m in exactly the same situation as you. We recently went to Fearings at the ritz and they have a separate vegetarian menu (a full menu vs a tasting menu). The special menu looked so tasty that I ate from it too. It was amazing. The food and service was defintely worth the money. I also hears they serve non-alcoholic wine. I’ve had the nana tasting menu too and Fearings is much better.

  • rob

    I recommend you say, ‘Screw You!, to you hippie husband and go get yourself a steak. It’s his fault you in this situation…just sayin’

  • Monica

    Why must the haters come out when anyone mentions eating vegetarian or vegan?!

  • Lisa

    Nosh has amazing beet salad & other killer veggies dishes and plenty for u to choose other.

  • M.E.

    I’m a vegetarian, my husband is not. Yesterday we ate at Villa-O and were impressed with the food, patio, and staff.

  • JaLee

    I’m not a vegetarian, but Spiral Diner ~rocks~ crave the loaded nachos, unbelievable, and the chocolate brownies are the best I’ve ever had! Also I was taken to this vegetarian buffet one year for my birthday, it was great (has non-Indian choices that are delicious too)

  • N

    Greek/Mediterranean food would work well for you….

  • alexandra

    I can’t believe no one has recommended Kozy Kitchen – definitely something to try and if you have the ScoutMob app you can get 50% off right now!