Somebody Help This Poor Boy: Best Milkshake in Dallas?

Oh, boy this sounds so good right now. Listen up and give him good advice.

Nancy, my wife and I just moved here from San Francisco. We are milkshake freaks. What places in Dallas make really good milkshakes using artisan ingredients or housemade ice cream.

Should we tell him now? Or wait for him to get to know Dallas a little better. Give him your best shot.


  • Neiman Marcus. Hands down. Plus you get to stare at the pretty people.

  • yvonne crum

    Highland Park Pharmacy.. for the very very best in my opinion… and what a grilled cheese they make.. ok.. you didn’t ask that but it’s a bonus.

  • Rebross

    Twisted Root definitely has the best milkshakes.

  • JD

    Dairy-ette. Doesn’t really fit the bill for artisan, but damn good.

  • Ardy

    2nd Twisted Root.

  • Foodie

    Braum’s are real, and pretty good.

  • michelle

    Twisted root! Adult and regular, both good!

  • wlciii

    Maple and Motor

  • Tahini

    +1 Maple and Motor. Cheap too.

  • Bo

    HP Pharmacy, can’t beat the old school setting either

  • Carpe Diem

    Johnny B’s in Southlake

  • Juhie

    Paciugo! Their “frappes” (milkshakes) can be made with any flavor they have, such as creme brulee!

  • Robie

    McDonalds. Theirs are made with only the highest quality powders.

  • Alex

    Potbelly. Made to exacting standards, their shakes are consistently thick enough to eat with a spoon.

  • Ash

    My vote is Chips. Banana-mmmmmm!

  • Melster

    Henry’s Homemade Icecream in Plano. There is no better.

  • texasheat

    The adult milkshakes at Kenny’s Burger joint in Frisco are a MUST!

  • Jon Battle

    The best milkshake is a MALT. Real, intense flavor with same coldness

  • El_Matarife

    Ritzy’s Fresh American Diner in Grapevine, apparently called one of the best in America by People Magazine somehow. Tons of flavors of made from scratch ice cream including Key Lime Pie and Cherry Chocolate Amaretto. Twisted Root. Purple Cow has some amazing shakes, including the famous PB&J and various adult options.

  • JD

    No love for Wild About Harry’s on Knox? Banana Puddin’