Rumors Behind the Restaurant News: Is Rosa Mexicano Coming to Dallas?

I heard it from a friend who heard it from a friend: Rosa Mexicano is coming to town. I know talk is cheap but I know the neighborhood and I think the story is good. Take it on the run, baby: Rosa Mexicano, the small Midtown (Manhattan) restaurant that opened in 1984 is moving into the space now occupied by Palomino at the Crescent Court. Rosa was New York’s first successful “authentic Mexican cooking” spot. Now it’s a burgeoning chain with 10 locations: three in NYC, one in New Jersey, Atlanta, Miami, Los Angeles, D.C., Maryland, and South Beach. (Apologies to REO Speedwagon)

UPITTY DATE: Here’s the short answer to the question: Rosa Mexicano is NOT moving into the Palomino space.  Turns out my both of my sources were wrong. (Today.) The Palomino space “isn’t technically available” said a person close to the business who swore he/she would slash my tires if I identified him/her. “However, we are looking at many different wonderful restaurants.” If you have a degree in reading between the lines, advance to go and collect $200. Oh, and to my friend who heard it from a friend: thanks for the lie, a whisper, and a knife in my back.



  • Pastrami

    And, so what did I miss about Palomino? Where’s it going?

  • Shannah

    This is GREAT news. No more having to wait between business trips to Atlanta for a little Rosa fix…!

  • Golfnfashion

    Aside from the pretty good guacamole and pomegranate margaritas, Rosa’s is overrated. There are many far better places already here.

  • littleloo

    Don’t take away our Palomino! Why would you put a NY Mexican restaurant in Dallas Tx??

  • slade

    Palomino spot definitely needed a facelift, but I agree, why would you put a NY Mexican restaurant in Dallas Tx

  • Bill

    Been to the one on South Beach. Nothing special for Texas.

  • ATLdusty

    In ATL, there is a shooting at the Rosa Mexicano like everyother day…

  • runDMC

    Rosa’s salsa’s alone make it a welcome addition to Dallas. Come on down.

  • Riversider

    Golfinfashion is right. The only things good are the guacamole and pomegranate margaritas. It is a terrible investment for anyone bringing it to Dallas.

  • Great addition. Love the one on First Avenue in Manhattan and I’m a big fan of their cookbook which has provided me countless amazing meals at home.

  • runDMC

    littleloo – re NY Mexican in Dallas
    Why not?

    The best selling salsa in Dallas TX is made in New Jersey.

    And the best tasting salsa is made in Vermont.

    It’s a big world out there folks.