Rock N Taco on McKinney is Closing/Closed/Remoldeling

A loyal Disher was scheduled to host a fundraiser at Rock N Taco this Wednesday and they had to cancel. She received this note:

Unfortunately, we just found out that Rock ‘n’ Taco is closing it’s doors and will not be able to host our event. We apologize for the inconvenience, and thank you so much for your support.

UPITTY DATE: They are remodeling.


  • Pete

    Any connection to Avi closing up Aura? I’d assume there is?

  • nickss16

    not particularly heart-broken over either Rock n’ taco or Aura closing…

  • hahaha

    NO!!! Where am I supposed to wear my Ed Hardy shirts now?!?!

  • DNighter

    Aura & Rock N Taco were both owned by the same group. A new group is buying Aura to put in another club (eventually). Rock N Taco was not in the sale but is being discussed by several Dallas restauranteurs for a sale…

  • Lakewoody

    no one cares about this except for the cast of Most Eligible….

  • Oh NO! I have a Groupon that I haven’t used!

  • MichaelS

    Love what I read on D. I live next door to Rock N Taco and their doors are open for business. There’s even people sitting at the bar.

  • Julie Ferris

    Does anyone know when a strip club is going to open in uptown? I hate driving to Northwest Highway.

  • Mike Hunter

    Whaz up Big D I’m too legit to quit homie. Going to buy me a big piece of Dallas in a few months to buy and store in my fridge.

  • A A


  • Misha David

    This author can’t even spell. Read the headline – Rock N Taco on McKinney is Closing/Closed/Remoldeling

    What is ‘Reoldeling’?

    Sad that D Magazine can’t even hire editors with experience to use spell check.

  • Misha, sorry about that. I am currently remoldeing–growing mold on my ling. Of course I meant remodeling. But what is reoldeling? guess you don’t have spellcheck either. I guess we could both blame autofill on our iPhones!

  • slade

    Are they moving to the spot where Palomino is? LMAO! No loss here.

  • Wine and Cheese, Please

    “Guess you don’t have spellcheck either.”

    Go Nancy. Haha.

  • Noah Lindlock

    Nancy Nichols you are rude to your readers. No wonder you write for D Magazine and not a real publication. I can’t wait to cancel my subscription based on your childish behaviors above.

  • William

    Nosh can you tell us what a real publication is? Why did you subscribe to it?

  • I just called up there and the phone number is no longer in service. Oh well!