Restaurants For Sale in Dallas

I love to search for real estate. This morning a fellow restaurant real estate junkie pointed me to this site. I found several interesting listings. One sounds like Tramontana in Preston Center. Then there is a Mexican food restaurant in Grapevine. A downtown pizza place for $500K??  Have a look. Make some guesses.


  • runDMC

    I think Tramontana is listed twice.
    $100k with 108 seats or
    $70k for 80 seats.

    Those are some damn expensive chairs! Must see!

  • Justin

    The Downtown pizza place could be one of three, Ravenna (I sooooooo hope it’s not them), the one that opened about a two years ago caddy corner to Ravenna or the one across from Sol’s. That I can’t recall the names of the other two after four years of living in the CBD should indicate how forgettable their food is.

    Nancy, dispatch one of your foodie underlings to investigate (or maybe give “foodbitch” a shot a freelance redemption) I must know.

  • MCC

    Downtown pizza place sounds like Porta di Roma @ Main and Ervay, across the street from the Comerica Tower. Pretty solid daily lunch specials. The one in Rowlett is Sammy Walker’s, which is in the SE quadrant of the Highway 66/Rowlett Road intersection. I think there’s an Aldi in that shopping center now where a Brookshire’s used to be. They have some rpetty good brisket.

  • Lisa

    Tramontana on twice. The lowered the price to 70k.

  • Grapevine Mexican food – my money is on Los Cabos, based on the location and the fact that the seating refers to “+20” which I assume is the patio.

  • That’s a lot of money for a pizza joint!

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  • SB

    Frisco Tex Mex is Apetitos in the Kroger shopping center at Main an Teel (west frisco). And thank god it’s gone! Anything will be a better.