Park Restaurant Sold and Gets a New Bad Name

A few weeks ago, I actually made a phone call and reported the closure of Park Restaurant. Short story shorter: Owner Donald Chick sold the place to Peter Kenny, owner of Capitol Pub. Today, Teresa Gubbins digs deep in the dirt and reveals Mr. Kenny has already come up with new names for both Park and its sibling, Bar Celine. Park will now be Swig. Really? “Hey gang, let’s go to Swig for brunch?” Doesn’t work for me.

Meanwhile, Bar Celine will be called The Gin Mill. I love gin so I won’t complain about that. However, Swig is going on my Bad Names for Restaurants List. Right beside our this place. Teresa has more important stuff here. (Asador, really chaps my sass.) Moving on.


  • Karen

    I am still confused how sfuzzi works, but hey guess it does 😉

  • I don’t got for swig either – sound weird – like mouthwash. I could be thinking swish – but still don’t like it.

  • SW

    Terrible reminds me of Swill–Swill is a mixture of solid and liquid food scraps fed to pigs, or any disgusting or distasteful liquid.

  • Terroir

    Is Swig an abbreviation of sewage, why not Swill, Bilge Water, Grey Snail, Chug, Funnel,Belly Shot, or my favorite Clot (where people coagulate) and I think they really missed an opportunity with Gin Blossoms……but the band might object to the diminishment of their brand

  • JG

    Does anyone know when Swig?? is going to open and what the concept will be? Really sad about PARK…loved that spot.

  • jaiM

    So what’s going to happen to park? The menue? The atmosphere the great service? The awesome bartenders?
    Its so sad the changed the name! Park was a classic!!!

  • Park was / is a beautiful place from front to back the biggest problem was the food . Fix the food don’t change the name and you have a home run . i do not support the new proposed name as it sounds cheap and dirty not at all the level this place can play at.