Late-Night Nosh. Where Do You Go?

Last night was a busy one. We had interns at The Mansion, editors at a private party at the Stoneleigh P, and photographers popping up all over this parched parcel we call a town. But come 10 pm, we all shared a commonality: we were tired but starving and in need of a nosh before calling it a day.

Last night was no anomaly, in fact this happens more often than not in our line of work. For most of us, it works out best if we can swing through somewhere relatively healthy on our way home and eat take-out in our PJs. Last night, one of us was lucky enough to catch a bi bim bop shop as they were closing, but others on our staff didn’t fare so well.

Which started up the conversation, where—by neighborhood—do you go when it’s late (lateness being the key here), you’re tired and hungry, and you need something quick (and not gross. No fast food drive-thrus). Preferably call-ahead take-out. The D Recommends app is great for this, but not everyone has a smartphone. So we decided we need a good old-fashioned cheat-sheet. Feel free to chime in.

jump for the categories…

Here are the general neighborhoods under consideration:


Deep Ellum

Lower Greenville/M Streets

Mockingbird Station

Lovers & Greenville

75 & Royal/Forest

Coit & Belt Line

Design District

Tollway, South of 635

Galleria area

Park Cities


  • Foodie

    Coit and Beltline? Seriously? How about Arapaho and Floyd Road, or Campbell and Custer? All real hot spots in my book. Who knew……….

    • @Foodie: Exactly our point. Sometimes you get caught out north of 635—in an unfamiliar neighborhood— and need to know where to grab a decent bite.

  • Karen

    cafe brazil that works for several dallas hoods also buzz brews

  • 1Zima2Many

    I used to go to Dan’s Lakewood Cafe, which was cool because I’d often run into guys from the bands I’d just gone to see play. Now, I would go to Cafe Brazil – either Deep Ellum or on Central Expwy near SMU.

  • CB

    Coit & Beltline area: Kenny’s Wood Fired Grill on Beltine and the Tollway is open until 1.

  • Tim

    Good topic. Look forward to hearing what is open late on a week nite.

  • Verrocchio

    The Commissary is usually buzzing late with a industry crowd. The kitchen is open until 1 on the weekends and the bar until 2 and usually midnight during the week.

  • Lys

    Karen nailed it! Cafe Brazil or Buzz Brews! I was pleasantly surprised to find a Cafe Brazil when caught north of 635 late with my stomach in my back!

  • Meridian Room on Perry at Exposition in Dallas. Fabulous pork tacos!

    Afrah Mediterranean Bakery on Main at Greenville in Richardson. I have been going there for years. Try the Akawi Pie with garlic sauce. Great kabob, shisha tawook, kibbe, arabic gelato, and chickpea cookies.
    Alway open late.

  • p.s- Afrah is always open late during the week, 11pm some nights. Their closing policy is loose, when people are there, they are cooking… Check out

  • Marci

    Snookies (Oaklawn store and the Tollway @ Keller Springs store) does their full menu until the bar closes at 2 a.m.

  • Nova in Oak Cliff is a solid choice for late night eats… always something interesting on the menu, great drinks and a totally laid-back atmosphere.

  • lovestomixitup

    East Dallas is where its at! Victor Tangos serves food until midnight nightly, Vickery Park has late night tacos. Farnatchi open til midnight Fri and Sat. Red Fork if still open, Lakewood Landing, Old Monk has late night menu.

  • W

    Taqueria Lupita on Henderson. They serve their full menu till close, I’m not sure when that is but I’ve gone in there at 1am on a Monday night before… Try the al pastor torta, delicious!

  • Mad max

    The Commissary is the best place for late night food/drinks in town far! Not only do they serve the best burgers until midnight (or 2am on the weekends) it has a cool vibe and has turned into THE place my friends and I go to for late night get togethers! Obviously industry people agree because it’s frequented by chefs, sommeliers and friends until they close.

  • christina

    ahhhh how has someone not said Buzzbrews?! that is my mecca. banana nut pancakes and any kind of crepe you can imagine. the best one is the original on 75 and fitzhugh, but they just opened one in deep ellum which i am super excited about since i live downtown!

  • Megan

    If you’re in the mood for sushi late night Nandina’s on lower Greenville is open until 3am, everynight. Definitely our go-to late night spot!

  • Jonathan

    DISH serves food till 1AM on Fri/Sat and till 11PM all other days. The food is great and has a great vibe.

  • Check this out…some late night Korean:

  • Stella

    Megan listed our favorite late night foodie nosh spot! We also hit Cafe Brazil on Lower Greenville too, but usually that’s only when we’ve had too many at Stan’s to drive home just yet…

    I’m looking forward to the suggestions so that the husband and I will have some new places to try!!