Kitchen Fire Breaks out During Hell’s Kitchen Watching Party at Nosh in Dallas

Who needs Gordon Ramsay? Carrie Keep is hardly in hell.

We told you chef Carrie Keep was hot. Last night her bosses at Nosh Euro Bistro, Avner and Celeste Samuel, hosted a season-premier watching party for Hell’s Kitchen. Carrie, a line cook at Nosh, is one of the contestants. The restaurant was full of loyal patrons and friends when–POOF- a knob on one of the gas valves fell off and a small fire flared in the open kitchen. Always the problem solver, Celeste Samuel picked up the phone and calmly called the Highland Park Fire Department and moved the guests outside. When the firemen arrived, they were greeted by a glamorous crowd having cocktails in parking lot. With the fire out When the danger was gone, the TV-watching party turned into a photo op. The show? Who knows what happened. The reality of the parking lot was much more fun. Jump for photos taken by Lindsey Miller.

Carrie and one of Highland Park's finest (left); Carrie, chef Jon Stevens, and Celeste "Quick Dial" Samuel (right).
Carrie Keep outside the kitchen.
Fire! Fire! Fire! Avner Samuel looks really concerned!


  • Juhie

    The first picture is hilarious–I love the fireman on top of the truck.

  • Eater

    And does Carrie still has her “hell’s kitchen” chef coat??

    I guess the mash were not that bad.

  • Eater


  • Dr. Freud

    Nice publicity stunt.

  • Twinwillow

    No question about it. Carrie Keep is the HOTTEST thing going at Nosh.

  • Hah! Dr. F. That was my first thought! Publicist on site with photos delivered to my inbox by early morn. Over, easy. If so, best PR move I’ve seen on my watch.

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  • Foodie

    I’m surprised Celeste noticed the fire, since she always keeps such a close eye on who’s trying to get her man.

  • Euro

    WOW! I guess the new Marquee in HP Village has Nosh doing all they can to garner attention! Looks like both places have their very own reality TV stars – and both so CUTE!

  • logan

    according to eats at dallasnews, a few people weren’t happy with the way their bills were handled after the fire broke out and they were unable to finish their food…they still had to pay full price for it.

  • Kristina

    I’m just amazed that Avner is still in business after stiffing so many people with their bills over the past several years. He still owes me over $1,000….and many other venders that I personally know about! KARMA?

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  • Marcello

    I liked the excitement! Funnnnn