John Tesar Closes The Table at One Arts Plaza in Dallas

John Tesar has decided to close The Table, the 12-seat tasting room inside The Commissary.The Table will close on August 1 but is scheduled to reopen around September 15 with a new concept. The press release says Tesar will retool The Table menu and  “spend the necessary time focusing on The Commissary and getting the service and other restaurant issues up to the standards that he has was known for at Rosewood Mansion on Turtle Creek.” I hope so. According to two of my friends who dined at last Sunday’s the lobster bake, the service “was the worst I’ve ever had.” And that person has had a lot of bad service. Go, John. Fix it and they will come.


  • Ben

    Tell him to buy some high chairs while he’s at it.

  • Sparky

    Also, either create more real estate or take out a couple of tables. Not a big fan of eating my dinner while sitting in someone else’s lap. (and the comment about the service is dead on; been there three times, and each time was worse than the last)

  • Rob

    I had a great meal at The Table a few weeks ago – great food and incredible wine pairings; will be curious to see what the new concept is

  • RU486

    He had an amazing staff at The Mansion that covered for him, carried him and put up with his crazy demands and behavior. THEY are true professionals. The Mansion had exceptionally high standards way back when John was Jimmy Sears – he contributed nothing to those high standards, except he is a talented chef. I personally don’t care for his over reliance on fwah grah, truffle oil and raw fish but he is talented. He just will never be successful.

  • bc

    As for Commissary, I’ve not had awful service as much as awkward seating with servers having to lean over, etc. Seriously, take out 2 tables. Done. Problem solved. And I’m normal-sized. I feel really bad for the table of 4 fat guys every time I go…

  • slade

    I just wish it had liqour too

  • slade


  • Jimmy Contreras

    I’ve been there for lunch and dinner multiple times, even shared a bottle of wine with friends on the patio. Every time service has been great.

  • acrow

    Been once. Horrendous service

  • Hospitality Instructor

    I weigh in on the side of the detractors. Been for dinner at the bar, seated and on the patio for a total of 5 visits at all hours. Everytime it’s attitude and 35 minute salads. Hopefully new management can breath some new vigor and a fresh attitude into the service system.

  • chris

    Couldn’t be worse service. Been twice. Will not go again. First visit: 40 minutes after we ordered they brought the WRONG burgers out for 2 in our party of 4. Second visit: Food was good, but I would have eaten a cardboard box by the time it was served.

  • john alton

    one word “HORRIBLE” … another word “OVER-RATED” … two more words “BAD SERVICE”! enuf said!!!! uuuugh, should’ve gone to Wendy’s!

  • dis-satisfied customer

    Bad Experience!!! Went there during my visit to the recent “BLOCK PARTY” on 7/8/2011. Decided to drop in for a bite and was soo disappointed at the service and food quality! My burger was mediocre but my friend specifically asked for no guac on her black bean burger due to allergies and it still came with guac splattered ALL OVER. Upon reminding the server of this he simply removed the plate and 5-10 minutes later came back to our table to inform us that they were going to go ahead and make a New One! (as if they tried scrapping it off and were unsucessful! lol, Servers Need Training in Allergenic Alerts. When a customer states they are allergic to specific ingredients, servers must realize even the smallest amount on food can cause a reaction! NOT RETURNING!