Is Guy Fieri Scouting Dallas for Restaurant Locations

Steven “Ubiquitous”  Doyle is reporting he spotted Guy Fieri scouting locations for restaurants today in Uptown. Doyle says definitively:

It was only a matter of time before restaurateur and television game show/ Food Network host Guy Fieri moved his mammoth machine to the North Texas area. We spotted Guy today checking out locations for one of his two restaurants (maybe both) in Dallas.

The Steven promises updates and pictures. Whatcha think?


  • Kess

    God helps us all

  • William

    Agree with Kess! What a douche.

  • Emily

    Ha ha! I was just coming in here to comment “what I think is that Guy Fieri is a douchebag” but some others seem to have beat me to it. 😀

  • RW

    He will forever be TGI Fridays to me.

  • Twinwillow

    Methinks, Sysco will need to start making their delivery trucks smaller so as not to clog Uptown’s streets as they do.

  • Avid Eater

    That freakazoid will get toasted in Dallas!

  • Foodie

    He needs to stay in Addison, or Collin county. He’ll fit right in.

  • NoThanks

    Thanks, but many of us in Collin County wouldn’t want him either.

  • HB

    Agreed. We don’t like douches here either. Although we sure could use a good salad place east of 190…we’re desperate over here…Greenz? Snappy Salads? Anyone listening?

  • James

    I think this is pretty exciting! I’ve eaten at his restaurants in the Sac area and I was pretty impressed. If you watch his shows then you know he definitely knows his stuff. I don;t find him to be a douche at all…

  • Owen

    A douchebag in Uptown! Really. More like a lemming.

  • Mike

    The ubiquitous uptown douce is a different species than the Guy type of douche. Not sure they would mix well.

  • mjs

    Hey HB, wait no longer…Snappy Salads is coming to Plano…Park and Tollway!

  • slade

    god lets hope they didnt show him the proposed restaurant site at the new deck park…

  • Robie

    Am I missing something? Why all the hatred for Guy? Seems like a decent dude to me.

  • Love Guy! Dallas needs his unique cuisine.

  • Twinwillow

    Hey, the guy (pun intended) is living the American dream!

  • Natalie anderson

    I can’t believe the comments made about this awesomely talented chef! Shame on you texans! Where did your southern hospitality go! I’m glad you don’t want him there, we can indulge in his cuisine here in California all by ourselves! Several million people can’t be wrong, shame shame shame texans…..

  • Ma cooks in Texas

    I love Guy Fieri, not least because the “dive” chefs he profiles spill their secrets to him on DD&D. Since I will never be able to cruise the country’s highways and by-ways in search of these great, often funky, dishes, but am pretty good at replicating food I see prepared on TV, I thank Guido for highlighting many of the kinds of food I enjoy cooking and eating. He seems to have a genuine love of Texas and does not promulgate the tired stereotype most people outside our state think of as “Texan.” I would welcome him to my neighborhood in a heartbeat!

  • People who think Guy Fieri is a chef also believe The Cheese Cake Factory makes cheese cakes.

    Third rate talent with no technique that hasn’t change his hair cut since Jr. High. Just a another “product” from the Food Network.